Certificate: U/A
Directed By: Karan Lalit Bhutani
Starring: Kay Kay Menon, Jimmy Sheirgill, Jackie Shroff, Pamkaj Tripathi, Shirya Saran and Mahie Gill
Story: Karan Lalit Butani
Screenplay: Puneet Sharma and Karan Lalit Butani

Raj Khatri Filmz’s PHAMOUS is a story of the power clash, roar of guns and love in Chambal. The 114 minute movie looks as a movie of the past decade or even before that. The film attempts to explore the tragedy of a region which is seeing endless violence and retribution. The film struggles to find its existence in today’s time. Though many movies today are set in India’s small towns and cities this one is a seen before film. The plot revolves around the abduction and forced marriages of women in the Chambal region. Sambhu (Jackie Shroff) who rules the village prevents his daughter from getting kidnapped by Kadak Singh (Kay Kay Menon) at her wedding ceremony but lands himself in jail. Kadak Singh now rules the village along with a crooked politician Ram Vijay (Pankaj Tripathi). A young man fascinated by the area’s notorious gun culture enters the picture named Radhe (Jimmy Shergill) has a grudge on Ram Vijay as he had killed his teacher Rossy (Mahie Gill) and idolizes Kadak Singh and dreams of possessing a weapon of his own. But when Ram Vijay sets his eyes on Radhe’s wife Lali (Shriya Saran), Radhe has to make a choice.
Technically the film is shot poorly; it lacked finesse and has moderate production values. Editing is also not up to the mark, Music befits the genre and same goes for background score and writing is also very poor; the sequences tumble into one another without any sense of rhythm. It lacks depth.
Performances wise Kay Kay Menon plays his part well and the same can be said for Pankaj Tripathi, he is such a wonderful actor, does everything with conviction. Jimmy Sheirgill has also played his part well; he shows his emotions very well. The actresses had nothing to do in the film. The performance of the actors was the only good thing about the film but even with their talent they could not lift a film which was so poorly written.
Director Karan Lalit Bhutani struggles in his execution and provides a film which has nothing to remember. In an action film there is no high octane drama or action sequence or nail biting thrill. Told in a non linear manner, the graph of the film never rises.

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