Phullu (Sharib Hashmi ) is a simple village yokel living with his wife, sister and mother and once a lady social worker doctor tells him about the pains of the village ladies who get menstrual pains and periods and how they use a simple cloth for protection rather than the more comfortable sanitary pads which the urban women use and are costly for the village ladies to buy and hence he decides to provide the women folk in villages with cheaper sanitary pads and hence goes to the village to learn how to make sanitary pads and has to go through all sorts of hardships and even getting arrested by the police and a journalist social worker helps him in getting a job in a sanitary pad factory and he learns the craft and comes to the village but the lady folk think he is crazy and is eve teasing them and he becomes an outcaste in his own family and village but he is un-relentless and finally he succeeds with his experiment and provides cheap pads top women in villages. Sharib Hashmi gives a realistic performance as Phullu. Inaamul Haq is a talented actor and deserves more. Jyothi Sethi is good. Nutan Surya is good. Technically , a very accomplished product. There is no scope for music. A film very real.


At the box-office

The film is a non-starter.

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