Interview By: Drishti Pandey

Pitobash, known for his impactful acting, in films like ‘Shor in the City’, ‘I Am Kalam’ and his recent ‘Begum Jaan’, talks to us about his upcoming film ‘Mom’ and how interesting and different his role will be. It’s exciting to know what’s next from him to offer in this thrilling film. Having worked in Hollywood and Bollywood, he believes it’s always good to grow and learn from one’s last film. Read on….

“I always choose films on instinct and there is no mathematics to it”

What was the starting point for ‘Mom’?

I didn’t know the director Ravi Udyawar before ‘Mom’ but I got a call from him and he wanted to narrate the film to me; so we met and he and his writers gave me the script and I read it and liked it. But the scheduled dates they wanted I wasn’t present that time because I was shooting in Paris for another film but Ravi told me there’s no issues because he is pushing the film 10 days ahead so then after I got done with my scheduled I joined the film.

Tell us about the character you playing in the film?  

I’m playing something grey in ‘Mom’ but I can’t talk much about it because it’s a thriller film so there are some cards which are under the blanket till the film is released; because the whole fun of the film will be spoiled if one card is also disclosed. So I can’t be telling you anything about my character. But it’s something different that I haven’t done before and definitely different from by last released ‘Begum Jaan’s character.

Working with veteran actors like Sridevi, Akshaye Khanna and Nawazuddhin, how was your experience and learning?  

Nawaz is a very dear friend and I know him since the day one when I entered Mumbai. He is a dear friend of mine and it’s always fun working with him and we stay nearby. I know him as a friend so it’s always nice working with him as I am in a comfort zone with him. And working with Sri Ma’am I learnt so much from her and this is her 300th film and after 50 years of experience and still she has lot of patience and works hard. By standing around and looking her scenes and reading her lines, which show her passion. For me it was a big learning thing and it was an inspiration for me to be working with her. Akshaye Khanna I thought would be very serious watching his films but he was too nice, talkative and fun. So overall it was a great experience working with all.

You always make an impact with your role, is it a conscious decision that you take when it’s offered to you or you make the character outstanding by your skill of acting?

I always choose films on instinct and there is no mathematics to it, the script should be fun for me. You are an actor and you want to challenge yourself with every role and film and that’s what I usually do. Definitely I try to work on character and try to live the character as real as I can.

So are you director’s actor?

I always discuss it with my directors and also filmmaking is done together, it’s not a one man’s act. I am one of the tools like any other department so I always try to know vision of director and then try to incorporate my skills.

Who inspires you in the industry? 

There are lots of actors whom I cannot count. Balraj, Naseer, Nawaz, Irrfan are people I look upon but it also depends on what kind of film actors do which influence you to like them , so all are good and its difficult to pin point one.

You have done a Hollywood movie a‘Million Dollars Arm’ and now working on French movie too, so is it that you are open to all industry?

Being an actor you always want your arch to reach to as many people as possible. So started here in Bombay 7- 8 years ago and got lucky in here before making debut in Hollywood with Disney film which game me lot of wider reach and now. I have my agents there and now I am making balance in LA and also here and try to work in different places and it’s fun to try different cinema. Also your reach gets wider and more people can see your work and they will appreciate it and if they don’t like; then I have to work harder for my next.

 What’s your biggest goal as an actor?

For me one film at a time and I always want that. I personally think that artists are always compared with themselves and not with anyone else; every artist is unique in its way. My biggest goal is I should at least grow a little from my last one.

Lastly what’s next?

After ‘Mom’ it’s on 30th  August which is French and Belgium co-production coming out and couple of more Hindi films are there out of which one is produced by Anupam Kher and there is one more film called ‘T for Taj Mahal’. So two Hindi films are coming and one international film and by the end of the year I finish the series in US that is ‘Metro Park’ which is Sitcom series.

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