Produced by: Sandip Singh, Suresh Oberoi

Directed by: Omung Kumar

Starring: Vivek Oberoi


25 Crores

Estimated Budget


4.75 Crores

Our Opening Day Prediction

So much is being anticipated about the film ever since ‘PM Narendra Modi’ has been announced. This is a first of its kind film which is based on the currently ruling Prime Minister of India. The film has already garnered its share of audiences, based on curiousity, and of course, love for PM Narendra Modi. So, here’s why we think it will strike a chord amongst the audience and how!


Now, who wouldn’t be curious? People who love him and call themselves, ‘Narendra Modi’s bhakts and also people who are against the man will want to see the film out of curiousity. He is India’s current prime minister and it can’t get more relevant. Also, the film is releasing ahead of elections – curiousity, controversies – all of it will obviously go hand-in-hand with the film. Also, the film highlights Narendra Modi’s journey from being a ‘chaiwala’ to actually being India’s prime minister. It’s a motivational story which obviously will drive in people to the cinema halls. The subject and title itself is one of the biggest USPs of the film and a factor on which 90 percent of the audience will watch the film.


Omung Kumar has now established himself as one of the most sorted directors, especially when it comes to biopics. After ‘Mary Kom’, ‘Sarbjit’ – he’s now back with ‘PM Narendra Modi’. The fact that he has this knack of dealing with real life stories, it’s expected that he would have done a good job with this film as well.


The response to the trailer and posters, has been good. Many couldn’t identify that this is Vivek Oberoi. That’s been working great to add authenticity to the film. People have actually started seeing the actor as Narendra Modi in the film and posters and the response has been great, further adding curiousity for the film.


The film has already become a talking point, for its subject, the trailer and how Vivek Oberoi looks unidentifiable in it. The word of mouth is doing the publicity for the film even though, the makers are not going all out to promote the film. The film has also been wrapped up and made up for release in an extremely short span. The post release word of mouth will also play a huge role in bringing in more people to cinema halls. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine