Interview By: Drishti Pandey

Prabhu Deva needs no introduction. The ace dance master and director talks about his silent thriller film ‘Mercury’ directed by Karthik Subbaraj. He has always enthralled movie lovers with his dance for over two decades now but this time he has something else to offer. We will see him in a never – seen-avatar; playing a negative role for the first time in his career. It will be intriguing to see him and the silent film which has been made after 30 years in Indian cinema. We caught up with him for a candid chat to know the insight of the film. Read on…

What excited you about the film ‘Mercury’? 

The exciting part to do ‘Mercury’ is the director Karthik Subbaraj; if he would have asked me to do some other story I would have still done it because Ilike to work with him. Secondly, in bonus it’s a silent film and that was also so exciting. I re – confirmed with the director‘is there no talking, literally?’ and he said yes.  So, it made me curious and I wondered how all this will happen and I was just waiting when the shoots will start till then many questing were running in my mind.

Since it’s a silent thriller how difficult does it get to emote ones emotions in a theatrical manner? 

To be honest it wasn’t difficult nor did I get tensed in fact I was very excited about it because if I do wrong I can ask for one more take and the director is there to guide me and it’s his job.

What kinds of films are important to you?

For me producers are really important if I am directing a film then I think of producers because they are putting the money. And every film has its own message at times we don’t have to convey a message with every film we are doing.  But every film has something that you have to learn from it.  My first thing will always be of thinking about producers and then my name involved and in that what can I do and then everything else.

As an artist what else would you like to discover in you?

I am happy with unconventional kind of films for example the film ‘Mercury’ so would like to do such kind of films and discover myself.

You’re collaborating once again with Remo for a dance film what’s the status?

I don’t know much yet it’s just that we have got mutual aspects and how much the media knows about it, that much I know about it. He just told me we will do a film together again and I’ve said yes, that’s all.  So, now I will have to ask what’s further.

How would you describe your journey in this film in one word and what has been your learning? 

It was an amazing experience and I learnt that new ideas really do work and that’s how it will work.

Since it’s a worldwide release, what are your expectations from this film? 

I hope it runs well and everyone should go gaga over it and I must get good name that’s my aim. (Smiles)

Any strategy planned behind the release date ‘Friday the 13th’ or it’s just a mere coincidence?

No such strategy, it’s the producer, director who looks after all this and they just call me and I act. Even when I am directing I leave it on the producers to look after this responsibility. My work is to give my work on time what they need.

Is there a lot of pressure as a director or an actor?

I believe each of it has its own thing if you’re a famous actor you have a lot burden in terms of which film has done good or bad and in case of director if a film is hit then it’s great and all praised but if the film is flop then people choose some other director so it’s really tough for a director.

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