It will not be unrealistic to call Prabhu Deva- A legendary Dancer. Whenever he dances, everybody watches with wonder and excitement. After proving his brilliance in dance, he also proved his talent as a director by giving huge hits like ‘Wanted’, ‘Rowdy Rathore’ and showed his side of being intense actor with ‘ABCD’ franchise. Now, he is back again in acting with ‘Tutak Tutak Tutiya’ which belongs to horror comedy genre.

“We don’t always do, what we like the most”

Please tell us about your role in the movie.

There are three main roles in the film- Sonu Sood, Tamannaah and me. I am playing a role of a husband who loves only modern girls but is stuck to a village girl.

How do you prepare for a role? Any procedure that you follow?

After so many years, I don’t prepare only. The director prepares for himself and then he tells what he wants. He go and says do it. That’s it.

And when the roles are reversed and you are the director, then?

Then that is a different story. Then from beginning to end I have to prepare for it.

How was the experience working on this film?

It’s Tamil-Telgu-Hindi film. That means we shot for all the three languages together. It was a challenge not only for me but also for other actors. They must talk Hindi, they must talk Telegu and they must talk Tamil at a time, we did three shots and it was a challenge for everyone but tough for director.

What attracted you to do this film?

This genre of Horror comedy; I have never done this genre before. Never acted before and never directed this genre.

Was it difficult to blend horror with comedy?

It’s a writer’s and director’s job. We just used to hear the story. For them it might be tough, how to do it. We are just actors, we only listen to story. If it’s good then we go ahead.

Since you are an actor but you do have director’s perspective as well. So, do you give inputs when you act?

First thing I do when I act is not giving ideas. Simply keep quiet, go and act whatever they say. That’s what I do. When I act I am only an actor.


Choreography, direction and acting: What do you like the most?

Choreography, because I love dance.

But we see you choreograph very rarely these days. Why so?

It’s all about destiny. We don’t always do what we like the most.

What are the factors you look for when you are picking a movie to act and even as a director?

For acting and direction both, the team is the most important thing. Team means co-actors, producer because if team is good then we will be on the same page. We will work together for the goal of making a good film.

Being a part of a horror comedy, how was the experience?

It was very good and a very different experience. That’s why I wanted to do this film. I want to direct a film like this also. I would love to do it.

Any future projects that you would like to share with us.

Something will come up soon. One project is of acting in Tamil and another is direction in Hindi.

Is your approach different while you are working on a Hindi movie as opposed to a Tamil or Telegu film?

It’s not only about Hindi or Tamil or Telegu film because each movie is different. So, approach will be also different with every movie.

The title of the film ‘Tutak Tutak Tutiya is very different. Tell us something about it.

Yes, everybody wants to talk about the title. It was Sonu Sood’s idea to keep this title. ‘Tutak Tutak Tutiya’ is a famous hit song and it’s a happy song. The film is also a fun film.

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