Interview By: Hasti Doshi

She is full of life and everyone loves her sweet innocent looks. She has played various roles which are always appreciated. ‘Rock On’ was the starting point of her Bollywood career so from then until now let us see what she has to tell us more in this chat-

“I have no idea why I get these intense, mature and these subdued roles to play”

Your debut in Bollywood was with the movie ‘Rock On’. In what way has it changed your life?
I think ‘Rock On’ pretty much changed my life, and my career path definitely because I debuted with Television and ‘Rock On’ was my baby step to the Bollywood. There was nothing planned and everything was just by chance and at that time I was just a teenager. It was a great opportunity for me back then and I didn’t have that much time to sit and evaluate things. Also because I am not from film family so I can’t just weave around fairytale debut and things like that. It really changed my career, life and everything.

In this span of 8 years from ‘Rock On’ to ‘Rock On 2’, what different has happened with your role as Sakshi?

You know Sakshi has came out way more stronger and I really liked that because, in your real life even if you think about a person you were 8 years ago you can actually see yourself as a completely different person. If you remember the first film I think she had a subdued part to play and she was pretty much trying to figure what is reason for Aditya’s unhappiness and that’s when I start digging up things and I come to know about this Magik band. The way that Sakshi has evolved I think I find that very real and genuine and that’s something that actually happens. She is taking charge of everything now and she is very decisive now. This is what I see that every character is changing in the film but the basic personality is same it’s just that they are growing up.

Do you like singing?

I love singing and I am a bathroom singer (smiling). So in my head I put up all these performances and its funny but we all are bathroom and closet singers. And it’s kind of fun.

Did you feel that this time Sakshi could have also tried some singing?

Well then it would be like any other Bollywood film. In our Hindi films the most bizarre things happening even in sequels we see that the things just change out of the blues and character change, scripts change. But here it’s such a real film I think it would be really random for Sakshi to come out and be the band member. I find it very funny and I don’t see any possibility for that (laughing).

As you are playing Aditya’s wife again in ‘Rock On 2’, so what is he doing with his music career which is bothering you now as a wife?

Yes I think Aditya and Sakshi principally have ups and downs all the time. All kinds of things are getting in the way and also I think it’s because of the individuals as they are. This time in ‘Rock On 2’ we are fighting our own internal battles that’s something we are really reeling in and we are also reeling in the past that is something which is what we are reacting to more and which is causing all these things you are watching in the trailer and it kind of hits hard. So that’s  the place they are in and when you will watch the film you will know why and that will I think come as a big surprise to lot of people because it is something that they would have never expected and that’s the surprise of the film.

According to you which have been your best role till date?

That’s really tough actually. But I think the role I related to most personally was of the film ‘I Me aur Main’ with John that was just a few years ago and I think that was the role I really related to. I felt like I was playing my age in that film. It was a wonderful part and it was so fun loving and she was a little miss sunshine and that’s a kind of person I actually am. I have no idea why I get these intense and mature and these subdued roles to play but that’s the actual role I related to the most.

You are sharing screen with Farhan Akhtar for the second time, so how is your working experience with him?

It has been really great sharing screen with him once again. ‘Rock On’ was a debut for both of us although we both had faced the camera before. He had done my favorite role in ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ and it wasn’t that new concept but still it was our debut so it was new for us. From then to now I personally think we have came a long way and we had our own share of experiences. Another spooky thing is that you are actually carrying forward the role which you have done many years ago. It is the same person, same co-actor, and same co- character so it’s just too many things are familiar around. At the same time I think he has great sense of humor and that thing keep everything alive around the sets. He is kind of easiest person to work with and that is what makes all the experiences greater.

According to you what is it that the audience will love about ‘Rock On 2’ the most?
I have no idea what people are expecting from ‘Rock On 2’ I know that the expectations are high but what are they actually expecting that’s something I am really trying to guess. Because in the first film in an inherent sense people actually connected to something inspirational about these four people and bringing back the memories of their life and their careers. I am sure there were lots of people and also some wrote to us and shared their own life experiences weather it’s their coming from music background or any other but there was something about it which was very relatable and the roles were also real. There are many people in different kind of professions and they are trying to make something out their lives. And then there comes a time when everything blows up on your face and nothing is same anymore that happens to so many people for various reasons. That was something most relatable to people. With this time I think what people should actually take back from the film is how they should look back at themselves eight years ago and think about the people they were versus the people that they are now. That is something they should take back and love.

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