Interview By: Sagar Desai

We recently talked with the talented lyricist Puneet Sharma who has written the song Main Badhiya Tu Badhiya and Baba Bolta Hai from SANJU, he tells us about his journey behind the songs and what his thought process is and his inspiration over the years. Excerpts:

“I take inspiration from many things; I keep on learning from a lot of lyricist.”

How did Main Badhiya Tu Badhiya and Baba Bolta Hai happen to you?

It was quite a long process because Raju Sir is a perfectionist; you are able to understand this process as you have seen his films, you know that biggest names are attached with him. So your responsibility increases, Main Badiya Tu Badiya started when I was given a brief by Raju Sir that the situation is Sanjay Sir’s father thinks he cannot lip sync properly and Rohan- Rohan the music directors had already prepared the tune which I heard, so I wrote it like a conversation between two people; the girl is proposing the boy but the boy denied her proposal by giving valid reasons and in the end it gets revealed that the boy is yet unemployed and hence now the girl says first get employed then we will get married. Now we did a lot of research for this, two- three drafts were written. I sat with Abhijat Joshi Sir and Raju Sir and we discussed a lot and I enjoyed in the entire process.

How important it is for a lyricist to know the situation of the song?

It is very important to know the situation because then the song which will be made, it can also become a hit, but when you know the situation and then you write and when you hear the song in the film you get more attached with the song. A song is not only to fill in the space but it also takes the film ahead.

Song writing is a challenging task, how do you make it easy, what is your process?

Process will never be easy; passion is there hence you keep on doing it again and again because you enjoy that, if you start feeling like it is hard work that means it is not happening, so leave it. If you love it then even if you take five months to write a song, you will enjoy it.

Do you think after these songs you have got the recognition that one requires?

Whether it was my first song or the song of Revolver Rani or the song of Bareilly Ki Barfi or this one I have done it will full honesty, if I will not remain honest then people will say that oh! For this film I wrote it so well but not for this small film. So I don’t want anybody to say that I have not done hard work, they can say that they didn’t like it but it should not look like I did not work hard on it. For writing a film and writing for yourself is two different thing, when you write for yourself you write what you want to write. For the film you write according to the situation of the film.

How important it is to have a good coordination with the music director?

It is important, if while listening to a song you feel that music has overtaken the words or the music and words are not going hand in hand then the song does not work. It is very important to have good discussions and to let each other know what they feel about the song, there needs to be a good mutual understanding and mutual respect between them. You may come from different backgrounds and culture but you are working together on a song.

That means you enjoyed a lot working with the music directors, Rohan-Rohan?

Yeah I enjoyed a lot, we did a lot of sittings and we tried to make songs with full honesty.

What are you currently working on?

I am writing a lot but what will come out first I don’t know as it’s a long process; what I have written now will come next year, so you don’t really know, but I am writing for two-three films. Other than that I keep on writing for my band Swarathma.

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