From television, actress Radhika Madan has made her switch to the big screen with ‘Pataakha’. Here we speak all about her
debut release…

How did you get on board for ‘Patakha’?

In December, I had auditioned for it and they just let me go saying, there is something interesting and we will call you in May. I was in Goa, celebrating that my first movie ‘Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota’ is over. I got a call that Vishal sir wants to meet you, so you come tomorrow itself and we need to lock the girl. I took the next flight and actually, since I had no time, I rehearsed scenes on the airport. I directly went to meet him, and I auditioned for four scenes and then I was selected for the film.

So, how was it working with Vishal Bhardwaj?

It’s a dream debut for me to be honest, and I still can’t believe it. But, he’s a very easy director to work with. He is so open with suggestions, and gives you a lot of freedom to work. He discusses every scene till both of us are not convinced. It’s mind-blowing to develop that sort of connect between the actor and director. I think that’s the reason why, he is ‘The Vishal Bhardwaj’.

How was it having co-stars like Sanya Malhotra and Sunil Grover?

It was brilliant. Sanya is one of the closest people in my life right now. I’m thankful to have met her on this film. She is a great film. In such a film and scenario, it’s very easy to get competitive or just think of yourself, but both of us actually never thought about just ourselves. So, we kept the movie above ourselves. She has so much maturity and that inspires me. She is a fabulous actor. Sunil Grover ji is also a brilliant. He plays this naarad muni’s character, and even in real life he is like that. It’s like, he keeps cracking jokes within.

The film is so raw, so how challenging was this character for you?

It was difficult. There were some aspects that I could connect with and then some aspects I could not connect with. For instance, I have never smoked and here I had to smoke beedis. I am the youngest in the family, so I never knew how’s it being the elder sister. We had a lot of workshops with the team, with Vishal sir. We went to the village and stayed with those ladies, wearing their clothes, doing things they do. So, all these things helped a lot getting into the character.

How excited are you for the fact that ‘Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota’ has gone to the Toronto Film Festival?

It was the entire crew’s dream that our film goes to the Toronto Film Festival and it’s been selected in the ‘Midnight Madness’ section and so far, no Indian film has been selected in that category. So, it’s quite exciting for all of us.

What’s your constant source of inspiration?

People around me inspire me a lot. Not just one person, but I try to take something from everyone I meet and get inspired from them – be it my mother, or family, or even my driver. I think that’s been very beneficial for me.

Was acting always on the agenda, or were you inclined towards any other career as well?

I was really interested in dancing. I wanted to go to Broadway. Acting just happened to me.

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