Ragini Khanna who has appeared in more than 30 television shows and has earned numerous accolades, also has a significant fan base, who actually refer to themselves as ‘Raginians’. She began her career with television series called ‘Radha Ki Betiyaan KuchKarDikhayengi’ followed by ‘Bhaskar Bharti’ and later ‘Sasural Genda Phool’. After taking a breather from TV serials Ragini has stepped into the film industry and seems to be super excited for her forthcoming film‘Gurgaon’. We had a quick chat with her about the film and experience. Read on…

How did Gurgoan happen to you?

It happened when Mukesh Chhabra gave me the script and he wanted me to audition for it, so I tested for it and met Shanker Raman the director of the fi lm. He liked my audition and when I read the script, I was very excited that the director saw me as an actor and not just as a bubbly girl out of a TV show. To get an opportunity which is so creative, is very evolving for an actor. It was liberating for me, as I explored a lot of untapped emotional areas and it was a journey of self-discovery. Especially since my director Shanker Raman is very generous, I confess that it was an enriching experience for me working on the sets of ‘Gurgaon’.

Tell us about your character in the film?

There’s a girl named Preet, who is an architect. She is quite a wise girl, she thinks twice before talking. Her father loves her the most. She is more like a revolutionary who wants to make a lot of changes in the world. She wants to bring change in towns, in environment by creating water reserve, forest reserve. She’s an inspiration for an actor. I have sunk my teeth into this role. I have been in this character to my core as a person; this is the character I relate to the most in my life.

The poster seems intriguing.Why is your face scribbled? What does it portray?

Since it’s a crime thriller so there is something going wrong in the family and it matches to the film story correctly. So it’s just that after watching the fi lm, the audience will know the reason behind it.

How was it working with the co- actors?

All are very good actors everyone knows about it but apart from that, they are very good human beings. And it was a pleasure working with everyone.

Were there any moment that you would cherish during the shoot?

Not really, because I was always quiet during the shoot as I use to be in my character all the time. Because this character does not talk much, so for 40 days I was all quite.

Wasn’t that difficult for you because you are as talkative and bubbly as seen in small screen?

The audience likes my talkative, bubbly personality but in real life I am an introvert.

How was it to learn Haryanvi?

Yes I had to learn Haryanvi and Yogesh who is an actor in this film, he was also the language coach for this fi lm so he taught me how to speak in Haryanvi and it was a bit hard for me but I learnt it.

Any particular genre which attracts you?

No, not any particular but it’s just depends on the director and the script I like.

What’s next?

Right now I can’t discuss about it but when it’s the right time, I will share it with the media. Right now all my focus is on ‘Gurgaon’.

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