We had a brief chat with Rahul Sharma, who is all geared up for his debut film ‘X Ray’. Here, he takes us through the journey of his debut film and how his dream has come true.

‘X Ray’ the title itself seems intriguing, can you elaborate on it?

I believe ‘X Ray’ is a very different concept; X ray is something that shows us our inner image. So on that basis the film is based on this character who behaves differently at a given situation. Every individual has two personalities in them – for instance, Ram and Raavan. We never know what’s going in a person’s mind and what they might do at any point in time. When the audiences will watch the film, they will realize why the title has been kept ‘X Ray’.

What do you think of ‘X Ray’ as your debut film in terms of its content?

I was already working with director Rajiv.S. Ruia, and I heard that he was planning on to make the film ‘X Ray’. I asked him if I can audition for the same and he agreed to it, but he told me that I will have to work a lot on my body. And since then, I started working on my body and have lost 20 Kilos for this film. So far, I had not read the script, after I gave several auditions, they took me on board, and that’s when I heard the script and was blown away by it. I am glad to do my debut with ‘X Ray, a psychotic thriller drama; where my character has layers to it, where the story revolves around that one night and what happens during the night.

You spoke about playing a layered character, what prep did you do from your end to play this role?

I followed my director’s guidelines, he had told me not to watch any particular videos of psychotic people or take reference from anywhere. Instead he told me to read novels, magazines, and to start imagining the character. I usually choice night time to prepare myself and so I use to get in my room, o the lights and start to think about the character, internalize it, and try to feel his situations. So, to live a normal life and to act like a psychotic person was a totally a different kind of experience altogether.

How is it to see your dream come true of being an actor?

Since childhood I always wanted to be an actor. I have read many Premchand ji’s novels and I use to imagine being those characters. So far the feeling of being an actor didn’t sink in even while promoting the film, it felt all normal. But when I was in Lucknow and Nagpur, I felt something different, when there were people who wanted to take selfie with me, they were all excited to see me, that moment I felt people have started recognizing me, the songs that are out are also being appreciated. So, this feeling is so beautiful and it feels great to see my dream coming true. The release date of the film is near; I am equally nervous and excited, it’s a very big deal for me.

Now on, how would you approach future films?

I haven’t planned anything yet on how I shape my career graph. But after the trailer was released I was offered two – three roles of psychotic,  also for Rom-Com’s. For now, I have asked them to give me some time because I want to put my full focus on ‘X Ray’. I don’t want to limit myself I will explore with all flavour of genres. I am an actor; my work is to do everything and want to be a versatile actor. CinemaInterviewsBollywood Trade Magazine