Interview By: Drishti Pandey

Raj Nidimoru along with his partner Krishna D.K has given some of the finest films so far which includes Shor In The City, Go Goa Gone and now they wrote and produce one of Indian cinemas finest Horror Comedy STREE talks to us about they have evolved as Filmmakers and more….

From ‘Shor in the City’ to ‘Stree’ how have you evolved as a filmmaker in terms of choices and films you’ve been trying to make?

Its been a pretty interesting journey because we kind of stuck to what we wanted to make. We always wanted to make something interesting and unique and we always loved humor.  Hence all the movies have had varies comedies I guess.  But we were stuck to it, we went up, we went down but we are doing what we wanted to do.  Mostly the core of it was the same, what’s interesting from then to now is that – people use to say that the a particular movie was head of its time. It was a good thing to hear but it also meant that, the movie didn’t perform well and that it was a little head of its time.  But with STREE, we have realized that, it is the time that we can make films, exactly how we want to make. And audience will appreciate it and that’s the best part and we are really happy that our kind of cinema has found a very wide audience.

What was the state of mind or an expectation, while ya’llwere at the scripting level of STREE , did ya’ll think it would turn out to be such an appealing film and a blockbuster?

We knew that it was a very special script because it was a unique film, there was no precedence that, there hasn’t been a film like that in a way.  So we knew that while we were writing. DK and I knew that it was a special script and people are going to love it, but the question was, how many are going to watch it? (laughs) because whoever are going to watch it, are going to love it.  But the level of appreciation is way more than we expected.

There were also talks about you guys directing the film, but unfortunately it didn’t happen, what was the reason to it?

It was a conscious choice and we write a lot and right now I have 5 really strong scripts that  I want to make. But over the year what happens is, as time passes- one or two scripts gets older and they kind of fade out or they expire in a way because something else has come in a different form or some ideas have come in a different film, so we were kind of bunked out because a lot of hard work that goes and if it doesn’t work so that’s not the happy feeling.  So we decided the only way we can make more movies and get our scripts out is not only just directing every single one of them which is never going happen but and we rather start producing it so that was the biggest reason.  And the timing of it because we didn’t want to wait for another year, we had it, it was great and it was hot so we said lets do it.  STREE is still our baby its just that we will have an extra parent (laughs)

How did FAMILY MAN happen to you?

Its a natural progression I believe, where the whole world is shifting towards series. I believe we can make a series and a film and that’s what we are doing and that’s what we did with STREE and FAMILY MAN. I wasn’t jumping into it earlier but when amazon provided a great platform for us then we were completely open to our ideas and thy approached us and we gave an idea about it.  And we thought it’s a nice time to do it because everyone is a fan of series now-a-days , so now its our turn to make series so yeah its an exciting time.

With the series will we see the same kind of combination of two elements that we see in your films?

What we thought, since it’s a new medium with a lot more freedom, we going to try another genre which we haven’t done before, its like a dream thriller. Drama thriller with a social commentary and commentary on social- political issues; I wont make it film like that because the kind of films we are making are out of the box. But here we are exploring ourselves as a long format, writing and directing so it’s a different genre we haven’t done before. And its more exciting because I wanted to see how we can do good drama.

Ya’ll have this tendency of mixing two genres, was it a conscious decision from the start to try this kind of pattern or did just happen to ya’ll?

Basically I am not doing anything to do different for different sake that is simply foolish. You have to do something that you believe in, and something that come natural to you. We are basically genre fans, where I like a horror thriller, a comedy or any other genre. But making simple straightforward genre film will not be fun and much of s challenge I feel. So as we write it, it becomes something, we try to bend the genre or we start to combine a genre. Also we stretch it , stretch it beyond usually what it is.  So something exciting comes out of it and even you are excited do to the film now. For example STREE the first vision of it , we had something 5 years ago. And it was just a horror comedy about this humor going out that there is something out there.  there is a creature out the hunting people but then you realise that kind of movies it goes to that realisation that there is nobody there there is just somebody that is creating the situation so that they can win a property over it and then you say there is a creature. So this becomes exciting because you think that is it is an horror but it is combined with a comedy element so people are even scared of this and it becomes of social commentary. It Becomes a gender reversion . Writing and then it starts getting deep into it in a General film into something else.

It’s organic I believe?

Yes,yes! thThat is the word, it’s an organic transition and then you keep pushing the envelope It Breaks open and then you are into another container. As long as it is organic and smooth people are going to like it and enjoy the ride. You can turn absurd concept like stree if you think about it,a strange idea which becomes very palatable and heart engaging.


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