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Known for his ace films close to reality – Rajkummar Gupta has registered himself as one of the fine directors we have today. Post ‘Raid’, he is back with ‘India’s Most Wanted’. We speak to the director who is a man of few words, to speak about his latest release and more…

How did things begin on this film and how did Arjun Kapoor come on board?
When I was writing and researching for the film, I didn’t even know if I would be able to complete the research or make this film. I just went on writing and once I finished writing this film, ‘Raid’ was just about to release and Arjun happened to call me once he saw the trailer. I knew Arjun from before ‘Ishaqzaade’ released. We’ve been talking to do something together. So in general, instantly, I happened to tell him I have this script. He immediately read it and came on board. He brought in the dedication we needed for this script. The way we’ve shot the film on real locations or the kind of characters we had, I had certain specifications and he absolutely got that right into the film.

Did you take any sort of creative liberty with this film?
A subject like this is very sensitive because of its real element and people involved here, so I’ve considered that and worked within that. Hence I’ve not taken any creative liberties at the sake of compromising the reality.

When your name is attached to a film, people expect something unique – how do you see that?
Even this is so different from what I’ve done. For example, you’ve never seen in a Hindi film that people are trying to catch a terrorist without bullets and guns. That’s why this film has thrill as well. What stands out in this film I think, is the human, emotional aspect. I’ve realised that this reputation comes from your collective body of work. People see that you’re trying to say good stories. I’ve kept in mind to do those films which touch me – either touch me emotionally or intellectually. That’s when I make a film and I always try to stay true to it. People see that you’re trying to make an effort so I’m happy about it.

Do you have this natural inclination towards these kind of subjects which have that element of reality?
‘Aamir’ was a fictional film and ‘Ghanchakkar’ was comedy, so once in a while I’ve done different films, but the endeavour is always to have that authenticity intact or stay true to the film’s story. The attempt is always to highlight the story, characters, more than the actors. For example, I would like to thank Arjun to be so compassionate about the demands of the story. My aim is to stay within those limits of the story and be honest to it. Be real to it.

What are you writing next?
I have taken the rights of Shaheed Ravinder Kaushik. He was India’s greatest RAW agent. His family has allowed me to make a film on him. He was a handsome man who looked like Vinod Khanna. I’m still writing it, so it’s in the process, post which I will think who to cast. Trade Magazine



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