Interview By: Hasti Doshi

Writer and director Raj Kumar Gupta whose directorial debut ‘Aamir’ was critically acclaimed and is known for his intense filmmaking with movies such as ‘Aamir’, ‘No One Killed Jessica’, and now, the upcoming ‘Raid’ with Ajay devgan in the lead. Read on-

“My dialogues have a thought backed up by visuals and that is necessary”

Raid is something that still many aren’t aware about, how did you go about with the research for the film?

Yes there already many who don’t know much in detail about it. When the story was narrated to me there were couple of things narrated to me and the one was the factor of the way it happened and it’s inspired from a real life person and that appealed to me. When we talk about raid, there are various raids by police, army and more, but the one which comes to our mind it’s always IT raid. What happens inside no one knows and knowing that was interesting and this happened in the time when there were hardly any raids conducted. This is a very inspiring story and there are various layers to the story which made me take interest in this. Also I had some of people I know in this field who can tell me more about this subject and learn more about it, as it was important to know all the details about how a raid takes place. That’s how we got to know everything about it and also incorporate it in the film.

Is the real story exactly portrayed in the film?

Yes and of course we have taken some cinematic liberty. In terms of bringing all the views together in a film. Like for an instance they told us how their wife have been brave and helped them and being equally stood for them which also brings one emotion to bring in to the film.

Your movies always have hard hitting dialogues, where do you draw these inspirations from?

For this film I haven’t written any dialogue. But my idea is always from the reality and usually if you see then only those lines and dialogues will hit you which make you feel realistic. My dialogues have  a thought backed up by visuals and that is necessary. I have tried doing a few things with this film too in directorial area.

How careful you need to be while portraying any real life person on screen?

I try to operate on human level specially related to emotions. There is one character in the film of a cop who is a good man in real too but he accepted bribe during the process but if you go to see other factors you won’t think of him as a bad man, so to make people realize that we need to create exact things around the story which keeps the idea same.

In such serious films people might get detached and look for entertainment, so how important is it for you to keep a balance on that?

I don’t look at that aspect and for me it’s important that I be real to the content and story of the film.

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