Ranjit has been working as an assistant director for a long time with Nikhil Advani. He always had a dream to be a director and that’s what has happened with ‘Lucknow Central’. His approach towards his films is very real and full of hope. His debutfilm is inspired by central jail and that is what makes it interesting. We had a quick chat with Ranjit regarding his directorial debut with ‘Lucknow Central’. Read on…

“I felt fortunate enough to reach here as there are so many people who try to do this but I got the opportunity.”

Don’t you feel your film ‘Lucknow Central’ and ‘Quaidi Band’ have a similar concept?
I haven’t seen ‘Quaidi Band’ yet but I saw the trailer and what information I have gathered watching is that both the films are completely different though the concept seems similar. My film is also about the hope and aspiration of the character Kishan played by Farhan. He has a dream which he wants to follow but he is in a situation that has caught him up in the Jail, the dream doesn’t end for him and he keeps fighting for it, it’s a very positive film. It’s even inspired from my journey from Kolkata to Mumbai, I aspired to make a film and I wanted to be a film maker and finally my dream has turned to reality and that somewhere also shows in the film as well.

Was Farhan already on your mind while writing script or he was choosen later?

Absolutely yes, you won’t believe that not only Farhan but there were other actors too in my mind while writing the script they were narrated my script and they agreed to do the film. So, it’s not that I have done films as an assistant director earlier so it would be easier to get, but still all the actors in the film were narrated once and all have agreed whether it was Farhan, Ronit or Diana. I felt fortunate enough to reach here as there are so many people try to do this but I got the opportunity.

Diana is two films older, what made you feel that she is perfect for the role?

She is a very natural actor. The film is very earthy but I can promise you that at no point you will feel that she is not the right person for the role or infact no other actor would make you feel that. All actors Deepak, Rajesh, Inaam are heartland actors and Diana fits there well.

Should we consider that this is a musical film?

No its not. It has music as an element but it’s an escape film and escape with dream and band is just a medium it could have been anything else. We are inspired by the real character in the central jail where music was the event where people came together for and I saw that and stuck to the whole idea of music and band.

Is there any genre that interests you to make a film on?

See as a person and film maker, I have my own views on life and experiences which reflects on my films. I want to make positive films where there is hope. Also a film which you can take back home and then talk about it.

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