Interview By: Devanshee Singh  

Rashmi Sharma, the famous TV producer is now venturing into films with ‘Pink’ and ‘Days of Tafree’. She has come a long way by her hard work and passion towards work. For her, the biggest inspiration is her husband, Pawan Kumar.  In a conversation we got to know about her journey, her approach towards work and a lot more.

““We first think of what we want to do as makers and what we want to give to the society”

What drew you to films?

Television is a different medium and it has its own challenges and creative achievements. For a creative person after television, the next new step is always films. Along with doing TV, there was a desire to do films to achieve creative satisfaction that cannot be achieved through TV sometimes. And we think that we can do it through a film that was a big reason to start with next step with films.

Why did you think of starting film production with projects like ‘Pink’ and ‘Days of Tafree’?

‘Pink’ is a subject I feel as a female was totally apt for my first project because I can relate to its setup and storyline and I think the youth will also relate to it. It’s a very interesting suspense thriller drama. As a maker like any other, it was a dream come true to have Amitabh Bachchan and Shoojit Sircar onboard. It was an added advantage of this project. But the subject of the film is the hero of the film. This was a reason to choose ‘Pink’ as our first project. ‘Days of Tafree’ is with newcomers but again here also story is the hero. People will relate to the story and they will take both these films with them in their minds. Normally when people go to watch a film, they go, watch the film and come back to home by getting entertained. But these two films will go with them to their homes, to their minds. Both are very different concepts, one is for the youth, other is dramatic suspense thriller and both are releasing with one week gap, September 16 is ‘Pink’ and September 23 is ‘Days of Tafree’.

Are we going to see more women centric themes like ‘Pink’ in your future film projects?

You will get to see very good story lines in future projects. I don’t want to focus on any particular theme but would like to do good subjects. There will be different subjects which will be entertaining also. Definitely, whatever we will be going to make in Rashmi Sharma Films, the subject will be most important. People will surely talk about it. It will be or small, that’s a different thing but the story line will become a talking point for the people.

Your TV serials are so famous and most of them have high TRPs. How do you make sure that it will connect to the audience and they will like to watch it?

Before thinking of connectivity with audience, we first think of what we want to do as makers and what we want to give to society. The medium of family entertainment is television and our target audience is family as they all sit together and watch TV. So, in every serial I have tried to keep the subjects around normal families, people should feel like they are their own family and character should be relatable. We have always thought of stories which are inspiring and our characters are also real to a certain extent. So, we always try to research a lot on our subjects and also we go in public and try to know what they want to see. We also try to see how our stories can affect audience’s lives and how it can inspire them along with entertainment. The research of our every story is very important so that people can connect to it.

So, now that you are also making films, how you are going to manage it with your television work and what is that which keeps you going?

It is my passion. So, if you are passionate about something, you can easily take out time. Me and my husband Pawan, we both are running this company. I am creatively involved in the films and other things are managed by my husband because we have also big set up for our serials. So, both of us has divided our work, so that we can involve in every process and also anything should not suffer because we have to do films along with TV. We have done 5-6 shows at a time and we want to do this with the films also.

You started with working in a production house, before starting your own company. What next?
I don’t know. This journey of mine was not planned in the way it happened. I have only done hard work and that hard work has given me results. No one is in this field from my family, I was doing something else but came into this direction because of my destiny. I realised that there is some creativity in me and I like to write. I also like to think of new concepts. Then I made my place as a creative director. After that I felt that I can think of concepts and I can make shows on my own, so started my own production house, Rashmi Sharma Telefilms. The shows got success and that brought confidence to go to a next level that is films. This journey was not planned, I only knew that I have to focus on my work. Films were never planned. It happened because the time was good and everything fall into right place. I don’t know about future, the only thing I know is I have to do hard work and have to learn many things.

How has been your journey till now?

It was wonderful. We learnt a lot and are still learning. What we are today is because of the learning that we got in this journey. It has been a memorable journey. If I think of it I still remember the ups down we have gone through, the phases which motivated us. I believe that if you don’t fall, you can’t learn to get up. In this journey, I learnt how to deal with everyday challenges of life and work. It was a very fruitful journey as it gave very good results of our hard work.

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