WAR which released this past week on a long weekend, per say, on Gandhi Jayanti, has had a historical day one. It went on to be one of the highest single day collections we have ever seen in Bollywood. It made close to 52 crores on day one in the Hindi language.

What has worked in the film’s favour is the presence of Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff combined with the genre of a commercial action film, with some sensibility made on a massive scale along with some top notch execution; and that is the reason why the film has opened to this kind of a number. We at Super Cinema were always backing this film to break the number one day record. As far as we can remember, when the trailer came out, it just solidified that idea that it can break THUGS OF HINDOSTAN’s day one record which was at 49.70 crores. We were always under the impression that this movie will break that record and it has gone ahead and done precisely that. Many in the industry and in the trade were saying that it won’t be possible for WAR to get to that number; but because of who Hrithik Roshan is, because of where Tiger Shroff is in his rather young career, because of the way Yash Raj have spent money like water on this film, because of the way the movie was executed, and when it all came together and we witnessed the trailer, we were dead sure that the film would be able to achieve that number.

Now, many movies have achieved that huge day one number, but along the way have just crashed and burned. But this is not the case with WAR. It has been appreciated across the board; the critics have liked it and obviously, even people are rushing to the theatres to watch the film. The destiny of the film will be decided over this week, which is a big week for them, as another holiday is coming up this week because of Dussehra. WAR has the capacity and the ability to get very far.

This is also obviously a very big number for Hrithik, who has not done a movie, before 2019 for two and a half years prior to that; so for an actor to come out of a situation when he was not in a film for so long and earlier this year he gave us SUPER 30, which went on to do amazingly well at the box-office, despite it being a film of a genre which Hrithik is not known specifically for. This just further solidifies that he is the true blue superstar of the Bollywood fraternity. This also goes for Tiger who is just starting out in his career and is relatively younger than Hrithik and he is still getting there and this is a perfect film for the two of them to get together.

Also, it is really refreshing to see a two hero film in the industry after so long. It is something that we haven’t seen in the industry for a while now and we aren’t making such two hero films anymore. Hopefully, this trend should start to change now seeing the number that war has put out. Hopefully the actors now start being open to the idea of starring in a two hero film, open to the idea of what it can do to their market if the film is mounted correctly, if everything is clicking in the film. A lot of actors shy away from such films because they feel that this dilutes their market and standing in the industry, but that’s not the case; because if you pick the right film, if you have the right security in the sense of belief in yourself as a performer and more importantly in this industry as a star then, the sky is the limit and you can open great big doors for yourselves in the future and that is the case with WAR and hopefully, many more in the future.

By – Amul Vikas Mohan

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