This production house has been going through a little lean period. Their last few releases have really not got the cash-registers ringing and there is some concern in terms of the content they have been green-lighting. But they’re obviously excited for their new big film which is going to have a release very soon. But when the makers had an internal screening of the movie their high hopes came crashing down. Apparently, they couldn’t fathom what they were witnessing and were completely shell-shocked. The movie is ready and according to sources, no amount of re-shots and re-edits can really salvage much of it now. The head-honcho is now taking a call what he wants to do with the movie and how he wants to project it overall. Some suggestions immediately after the screening was to push the movie out to a digital platform for a-digital-only release but things aren’t always as simple as they seem. It will be interesting to see how the production house handles the situation. We will surely bring you more updates on this as things get more clear. CinemaTrade BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine