We have seen Remo D’ Souza first as a dancer, then a choreographer and then a director who has progressively turned out to be a household name. Tapping to the right beats, he redefined dance with his unique moves. He can dance and create a storm and his passion can drive anybody to dance. Being a national award winner, he is a multifaceted entertainer who certainly knows the art of filmmaking while striking the fancy footwork at the right rhythm.  Remo D’Souza in a brief chat told us about his upcoming film ‘Race 3’ Read on…

“Salman Khan was the biggest support system I had”

How did Race 3 happen to you?

I think Ramesh ji and Salman sir were in touch and had talks related to ‘Race 3’ since Ramesh ji and the writer Shiraz ji were working on the script for last two years.  So they approached Salman sir two years back and he liked the script but then he got busy with a few things so that got delayed and then they approached him after ‘Tube Light’ again and he was ready then. On the other hand I was making my own film with Salman sir – the father and daughter film which Salman sir said; we will do our film later let’s do ‘Race 3’ first.  That’s how ‘Race 3’ was offered to me and I was so happy and grateful.

How interesting was it to work with Salman Khan?

Its great experience working with him. I always have this crazy chemistry with him when I do songs with him. He always tells me to make him dance more than he usually does. But with direction it’s a different ball game altogether still he made me feel so comfortable, he didn’t make me realise that I am directing the Salman Khan. He used to come onset and ask me about the scene; so it was very cool. Salman Khan was the biggest support system I had.

Is he a director’s actor?

He is, in fact all the actors Anil Kapoor, Bobby, Saqib, Daisy and Jacqueline all are director’s actors.

As a director were you apprehensive in any situation or anything that you struggled with?

I am very good at handling situations, so for me the whole film was like that because I had a very limited time limit to finish such a big film with such a big star-cast.  There were date problems with Anil sir because he was in four films. There were so many outdoor shoots but still I tried to manage it because my patience helped me and it all went smooth.

There’s always a certain benchmark and a targeted audience when it’s a Salman Khan film and they expect a certain quality of cinema that comes with Salman Khan; so what do you have to say about that?

People and myself expect a lot of things when we go to watch a Salman Khan film  because I am huge Salman Khan fan so I want to see him in a certain way, when he comes onscreen, I want to whistle, I want to clap and scream;  and that’s what people expect him to do when he comes onscreen.  So when I was directing ‘Race 3’ I had kept a fan boy inside me, inside a director and made this film.  So every time he comes onscreen as a director I want to whistle because there’s a fan inside me who wants to do that; if you see the film, there are moments not one but many where you want to clap and whistle.

This is your second film in 3D, why do you feel a need to make your films in 3D any specific reason?

My thing is that it’s all about technology; we see everything changing so why are we not changing? If Hollywood is making all the films in 3D including their ‘Fast and Furious’, ‘Avengers’, all these movies are in 3D so I think even we should make 3D films. And now that we have screens we have the capacity to pull of these films so why not. If I can make a dance film in 3D film which works then why not an action film!

What will the audience take back from this film?

It’s a full package of fun, entertainment, action and they would love to come and watch it again because it is a full on masala film which the audience will love to take back from this film.

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