This past week the industry witnessed the loss of one of the finest veterans it had ever seen; Kader Khan. He had been hospitalized for over 15 weeks before he passed away due to a prolonged illness. Since his debut with DAAG in 1973, the actor had become synonymous with comedy for at least the last 25 years of the twentieth century and the first few years of the twenty first. He acted in over 300 films in his career. Not only this, he had written dialogues for over 250 films in his entire career.

Kader Khan in his career was better known for his association with 3 actors, namely; Amitabh Bachchan, Jeetendra and Govinda. He wrote dialogues of Amitabh’s and Jeetendra’s numerous films which are memorable even today. Khan wrote 22 films for Amitabh from BENAAM (1974) to AGNEEPATH (1990). His association with Govinda was quite significant as well. He not only played a part in writing films which starred Govinda but he also acted alongside him in quite a few movies giving us all entertainment in high doses.

I have grown up watching his films. He had made such an image about him that if you know he is there in the film, it is going to be a fun watch for you. He not only excelled in front of the camera with his impeccable comic timing, but was also vital behind the camera with writing the dialogues for so many films, many of which are remembered and famous even today.

The kind of flair that he had, be it in writing or acting, was something that stood him apart from the others and made him shine. He was so good at what he did, people remember his scenes and his dialogues even today. He was a rare talent who could portray a comedian and a villain at the same time with great ease.

He was an all rounder in the true sense. An excellent actor, a theatre personality, a brilliant writer with the talent to don all these caps with ease. He was truly one of a kind and it is a bleak possibility that we will get to see another one like him in the industry anytime soon. The Industry has lost one of its fine gems who will continue to live in our hearts forever. Rest In Peace, Kader Sahab, you will be missed.

By – Amul Vikas Mohan Trade Magazine