Interview By: Drishti Pandey

After making an impact with the television series – ‘Yuddh’, Ribhu dasgupta came up with his directorial debut movie, a psychological thriller titled ‘Michael’. Now, he is back with his second film, ‘Te3n’ which interestingly is again a thriller with the megastar of the industry, Amitabh Bachchan. He talks about his experiences and the making of his film. Read on…

“Who am I, how I think, how I behave reflects in my making”

How did you come onboard for ‘Te3n’?

Sujoy and I were working together on a script which we wanted for Mr.Bachchan, primarily we were writing something for Mr.Bachchan so there were a couple of ideas. Sujoy had one script in mind so we were working for that; almost one script was finalised which Sujoy had written, which was for another film but while all this was happening one day when we were normally chatting with sir on cinema, aboard and different parts of the globe; we happened to share this idea with sir and he said we should do this immediately. He thought this is the script we should make it now, so we quickly went back and wrote the script and shared the script with him again and then he said let’s do this.

After your debut film ‘Michael’, coming up with your second with similar genre and once again having Kolkata as the backdrop, was it a conscious decision or just a sheer coincidence?

My first film unfortunately never released and it was shot in Kolkata, but when we actually started writing this film it was set in Goa. But there were some longitude issues which we were facing in Goa while shooting, then there was a suggestion; an idea came up from Mr.Bachchan saying why don’t we try this in Kolkata and then we planned it backwards we checked the locations we rewrote the script a bit; and there’s a saying “whatever happens, happens for good” so I think ‘Te3n’ being made in Kolkata is the major highlight of the film because Kolkata is a city, it’s like the fourth character in the film.

Was it challenging at any point of time to direct some of the incredible coveted actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Vidya Balan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui?

I think it’s overwhelming and exciting to direct them but also at the same time challenging because they are fantastic performers, they are great actors, they know their stuff. And I had worked with Amitji before in a T.V series which I directed called ‘Yudh’ a couple of years ago, so I had already worked with him and Nawaz also had a small cameo in the series which I directed so I knew Nawaz also since that time. So of course with Amitji there was a little comfort because I had worked with him and about Vidya and Nawaz, they are very down to earth very normal people like us, very friendly, more like us they don’t come along with any baggage of star’s or stardom I think that helped a lot. It was fascinating to work with all three of them and hoping to work with them again.

How was your experience working with such veteran actors?    

Knowing them from before or not knowing them, at the end of the day they are professionals they know what they are doing, they know their job very well, they have been in the industry like for a very long time. Someone like Amitji is there since decades and he is a thorough professional and the kind of inputs he has, the kind of suggestions he has, so the effort of making the film together is so unique and so brilliant so at the end of the day it’s a very enriching experience for a film maker.

Film makers usually have a lot from their own life or personality in their films. So, is that element more in your films?  

It’s about how everybody has their own individual style and everybody isn’t the same, everyone looks differently so every work of an individual is different and I think because that is how you are it will definitely reflect on your work. Good or bad I don’t know, but who am I, how I think, how I behave reflects in making.

Is thriller your favorite genre as you’ve been picking on it?

I don’t know that, I’m yet to discover it but I like to watch  thrillers and making it but I don’t think that’s one particular genre I’ll be making films on. I watch diverse kind of films and I intend to make all kinds of films.

As an outsider how difficult is it to find a voice amongst so many new people who want to have an individual voice as well? 

Whether it’s an insider or outsider I don’t know about that, at the end of the day, it’s your hard work which will matter. As an individual one can only know and do what one is best at and eventually if it has to happen it will happen. I don’t know about the insider or outsider but the will one should have, to do what they need to do. Every day one should better their skills, every day one should learn, because like we say there is a sea of talent there is sea of competition so to be amongst them one needs to better their skills every day.

As a director what are your expectations from the film?
There’s a lot of trust and sweat in making the film. At the end of the day the audience decides whether the film will work or not work.  So we all are waiting, so let’s see.

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