This film is an Iranian genre of cinema with a boy as a protagonist and his father Arjun Magar (Shashank Shende) who has to pay off the local village money lender a sum of Rs.100000, to release his mortgaged land and so with his son Abhimanyu aka Abdu, (Sahil Joshi) he comes to the holy shrine of Pandharpur to pray to Lord Vitthal to make his wish come true but on reaching Pandharpur he is looted of all his belongings and he is on the streets and he curses the idol of Lord Vitthal as he is unable to help him. But things improve and with the Lord Vitthals wishes he gets a good job and makes a savings of Rs. 50,000 but needs another Rs.50000, so he takes the wrong path of looting his boss’s till but his son takes back the looted money to the rightful owner , who on hearing the sad story , gives the money to the son’s father to remove the lien from his property as the money lender is about to upsurp his and to start a dairy and he goes back to the village and comes back to resume his duties in the shop. There is also a side track aout the son pining for his mothers tenderly love but his mother has passed away and so he assumes a woman of lesser morals as his mother as his father goes to meet her. There is also a local idol maker who takes the son under his wings. The film is touching and has been acclaimed at many festivals. Director Mane has done a good job though we have seen the film of this genre many a time like Elizabeth Ekadashi, Vitthal Vitthal, Gajar , etc. Shashank Shende has essayed the fathers part very well.And child wonder Sahil Joshi isvery impressive.Suhas Shirsat as Arjun’s friend is very good. Umesh Jagtap as Arjun’s brother is very good.Abhay Mahajan as Abdu’s friend is excellent. Kalyani Mulay as the kind hearted prostitute is very effective. The music is melodious and devoted to Lord Vitthal. The film is technically very slick and the temple scenes and the Pandharpur bylanes are brilliantly captured by the DOP. The editing is sharp. A good film for any cineaste.


At the box-office

The film will do good.

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