In conversation with Rishi Rich, who has made an impact with his fusion, hip-hop music in Bollywood industry! Here, he spoke about how producing music for ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass’ was an amazing experience,  take on, working on an entire album and much more… Excerpts:

How did ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass’ happen to you and how has the journey been? 

‘Pal Pal Dil ke Pass’ has been such an amazing experience because I met Sunny Deol past few years ago and he told me he is making a film with his son and we spoke about the music. We just stuck up a great relationship where I didn’t work with myself but with the composers Sachet and Parampara and the writers.  And worked on so many songs, we went to Manali about 6 times and we worked on these songs, it’s been such a great, great journey so far. I can’t wait for people to hear the songs.  And yes, I believe these songs from the film will be different from my previous work because I always want to be known for someone who creates fusion music, like mix hip-hop with Hindi music or Hindi lyrics and that is what ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass’ songs are actually about.

How has your approach been to the music of this film? 

Sunny had given me the liberty and told me: You do what you do, which is, whether you do hip-hop music or fusion. Because I want that kind of favour, and not the international pop sound, not the normal kind of film music and basically Sachet and Parampara were composing the songs, with their ideas, their melody. And, I was there to make sure where the music should go. One of the songs is reggae, I think I heard it on a guitar and I thought that will be quite interesting because if you haven’t done that before, and I guess reggae hasn’t done much in recent time.  And I already had Pal Pal theme before I met Sunny, the title track I had composed much before. When I made him heard, he loved it, and he said that this music would work out as the theme.  When you watch the film, you hear that throughout the film, it’s the second track sung by Arijit Singh.

Coming up with an entire album is a rarity at this point in time, how do you feel about it, and see the change coming back?

I have done films in the past and my last film was ‘Gully Boy’, there were 13 tracks done by different producers but I think, sometimes it works; because the director wants different flavours from music producers. I have grown up listening to music and I got into film music when music producer or director did the whole soundtrack.  And that consistency of music ran throughout the soundtrack of the film. And the fact that, I’ve done most songs in this film and it was great because I was a big part of the film. Where I went to Manali to see Karan, Sahher, Sunny, I was around the atmosphere where the film was been shot.  I think Sunny took all back because he has worked with RD Burman and Anu malik’s and many others. And these people who have done the whole soundtrack, I think it’s a very good time now and I hope this continues.

You’re known for giving exceptional music, does that raise the bar of expectations? 

Yes it does, and since the audience expect something big from me, they will also expect a fusion music which is quite different and that is my pleasure to serve with such kind of music.  Even with the soundtrack of Pal Pal, that is connecting the audience and which is sung by Arijit Singh.  The sound of the drums and the beats, the beats are very international and I believe that’s what people expect and that’s what I love doing, growing up with Indian music.  I have lived in many countries so I incorporate everything I like, and that’s how I make music.  Also, I am working on few films a year because the films I work on are special and they want something different, for instance, ‘Gully Boy’. And it is a challenge for me and I make sure and try to give something different and also retain my signature style, that’s fusion, Hindi music and hip-hop.

It’s been a long journey so far in creating music, how satisfying it is to be in this safe space? 

I think it feels great. I never lived in India, but I made a decision to come to India, 3 years ago.  I made a decision to focus on working on films and independent music in India.  The whole hip-hop scene is growing so big now. I am glad that transition has happened in film music; also, a lot depends on the producer and director of the film to think broadly. I am really happy and it is an exciting time.

What intrigues you about making music?

I think it intrigues me because I don’t know what I am going to do, sometimes you don’t really know when you’re given a job to do something or approach something. It’s always challenging and I love that.  I particularly like to see different cultures together. That is something that really excites me, and that is how I make music. CinemaInterviewsBollywood Trade Magazine