Interview By: Hasti Doshi

Rishpal Singh Rekhi better known by his stage name Rishi Rich is an English Indian music producer. We have enjoyed his songs like “Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse (remix)” in ‘Jackpot’ and few more in ‘Kya Kool Hai Hum’ and ‘Hum Tum’. And now he is back in Bollywood to make us tap our feet on his beat. He has a lot to say about his experience and work so let us read on-

“I like where I am working, for me the place should be full of energy”

Firstly tell us, how is it coming back to Bollywood?

It was great coming back here. After I did ‘Hum Tum’ people asked what happened after that but for me there was no plan behind it to crack Bollywood. For me it was just a song I did in London in one day actually and my whole aim was to start Production Company in London which I did. And then I moved to America and was lost for while that’s when I met Mohit Suri and we became very close friends. Then he was like we need to work on ‘Half Girlfriend’ and I was cool with it. I said I love to work in a different place and he said why don’t you come to India and that’s exactly what happened. Now there are few projects lined up and it’s great to be here.

As now you are back, so what do you miss about London?

I don’t miss London as much. I am enjoying in my life and obviously my family is there but my family comes and visits me. I am not that kind of a person that misses things, I like to travel and I moved to America and actually I am missing America a lot. I love being here and I like where I am working for me the place should be full of energy.

How did you start producing and what motivated you to stay with it?

I started producing when I was practicing music so I have been watching most of my life. Then I got job in a recording studio. And I have been musician as well I kind of combined the technology side and practical side of playing music and that’s how I started producing and write songs and compose.

Can you explain us how do you work on a musical project?

I think every project is different. So sometimes the song is the idea given to you and most of the times I kind of like to work on music and then song. Sometimes people come to you and I have to play them music.

Do you have a favorite musical project you have worked on?

Every project I work on is good and every project is special for me. I don’t really have a favorite project. But coming here working in new space is kind of enjoying here and I am totally loving it and now it is favorite part of my journey so far.

How challenging it is to come every time with something new?

I love the challenges. I love always trying to be fresh with music. I don’t really kind of get scared to invent something new. I have done it earlier in 2007 and people have loved it and now I will do it in ‘Half Girlfriend’ which still sounds fresh and people will be like I have not heard anything like that earlier. It will be released in 2017 and I want people to hear it and enjoy it. It’s really fun putting things together in fresh form.

What is distinctive about Rishi Rich production?

I think the sound. According to me it is the sound, the beats and the fusion is what I think is a big thing. You know I like different culture and their music and I fuse them. I like hip- hop and I also like Indian music, Spanish music, jazz and all other kinds.

So now what change in music will you give to your listeners?

I think my sound you know when people hear it they can notice it and say yeah it is him and it is something very fresh.

Are there any projects on which you are working on?

I am doing song for ‘Half Girlfriend’ and also working on Arjun kapoor’s song which will be announced soon. I am also working individually with Anushka and Badshah. Also working with few directors and on some music.

What do you like to do for fun outside working on music?

We have so much fun making music and other than that we go out have party and just chill. Sometimes grab drinks and go to restaurants. I love to go out and listen to music in any lounge or clubs also we play games in our home and just have lot of fun.

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