The king of action-comedy is back with yet another blockbuster – this time he teams up with another firecracker in the form of Ranveer Singh. We catch up with Rohit Shetty just as ‘Simmba’ hits the marquee to speak all about the film!

Why did you decide to do this movie and how much time did it actually take to produce the movie?
I made this movie in five months. There was a movie that came 2 years back and there was a character similar to this so I thought of doing it. We have already done ‘Singham’ an honest cop so we decided to do ‘Simmba’ a cop that is a complete different shade; of a cop who is a dishonest cop, but lovable. So, we purchased the rights and wrote our own story and this happened before ‘Golmal Again’. Ranveer and I were doing an advertisement together and that time I introduced him to my story and told him about it and his instant reply was ‘Chalo! Let’s do it.’ From here the story actually started. We started making the movie on 6th June. Now I’ve made a movie and what’s the best about it, is what audience decides and not me or any director.

How did Sara come on board?
Nobody approached me for Sara, she approached herself. She texted me so many times. I told Karan because ‘Kedarnath’ was coming – that if we make this film, it will release within four months and will come before ‘Kedarnath’ so that won’t be right. Next morning, Gattu called me and asked me to watch ‘Kedarnath’ and take Sara in the film. So, Sara came on board because of Gattu. She’s completely commercial – you can see that in her. She’s like the young Karisma Kapoor. But I tell her, she’s so lucky that she’s been seen by the ‘Kedarnath’ audience and now she is making space amidst the commercial audience as well through ‘Simmba’.

Did you choose this topic as the backdrop for ‘Simmba’ because of the current issues going on in our society?

Yes, if you see ‘Simmba’, the initial 30-40minutes are typically commercial with everything you see in my films. But then it takes a serious turn. Then the film doesn’t turn from that issue. I think it’s a responsibility because of the issue we are dealing with. When our team sees the film, they tell me, ‘sir you’ve made a woman-oriented action film this time’. So, it deals with that issue and we all are waiting for those 50 minutes to get over and then see the audience’s reaction when the film takes a turn.

How’s been your experience working with Ranveer, especially since he’s been a huge fan of your work?
It’s been so wonderful to work with him, and I think this association will go on for years. He’s such a great actor, and most importantly a good human being.

It’s been the last release of the year, and the expectations were high since it’s your film. So, what have been your thoughts?

I feel happy that people have been looking forward to my film. I am happy because it has turned out well. I rarely have said that for my films before release. I’m always nervous. We are all on the same page. From the promo itself, people knew what was in store when Ranveer and Rohit Shetty come together, so that’s also very clear in the film.

How content are you – while you’ve worked with actors like Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan; now there’s this new generation.
I feel very content. I feel quite lucky seeing how my career has panned out and seeing the love I’ve gotten from people. It’s not often that directors get this kind of love and I feel blessed. I don’t take all this for granted. I will have to keep up with that, just by working hard in every film. It’s just important to be honest with your work, and the rest is not your hands whether the film will be a hit or flop. But I feel lucky.

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