This film sends a message across about how education has become so very important for a good career and life ahead but the peer pressure and the exam blues are very harmful for young children and in this race for coming first or second in the class is so painful that sometimes it can hinder the mental and physical growth of a boy or a girl. Vidya Saravde (Archit Deodhar) is a smart young boy who always tops in his school but any less marks raises the ire of his strict disciplinarian mother (Amruta Subhash) whose husband ( Sunil Barve) is away in US for a space research programme . There is a very kind teacher Kamath (Atul Todankar) who has been assigned to give special classes to Vidya but there is a new genius school boy in his class and another politician’s son who make life difficult for Vidya in studies and his mother who has missed Medical for a few marks wants her ambitions to fructify with her son who she thinks is very different from the other average boys and she has regular skirmishes with them. Sometimes even with the law. What happens then? Does Vidya become a topper in his class or the new boy Raju Panse succeeds more than Vidya? The film is well directed by Kiran Gawade, . Amruta Subhash is very good. Archit Deodhar is a very talented boy. Atul Todankar provides the laughs. The rest of the boys and girls deliver a flawless performance. The music is okay. Technically a perfect film with beautiful locales of the Konkan. A Good message oriented film.

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