Interview By: Hasti Doshi

The unbreakables Sajid and Farhad are such. Totally living life freely and enjoying life is what they believe. They have always tossed us up and down with their one-liners and funny scripts. ‘Life is not easy’ is what Sajid says but, ‘hard work pays off’ Farhad completed. They have given industry hit songs and scripts but that was not their limit. They entertained us with theirs movie too. So let us see where these filmy keedas come from in this chat-

‘So writing songs is our first love we can’t forget.’ - Sajid

‘We have worked very hard and it was a tough thing but when you have struggled and then earned it that feels great.’ - Farhad

Your step in this industry was as a lyricist and then you both started writing and now you are directors. Tell us about your journey till now.

Sajid- We are real brothers but we don’t look like real brothers, I always do use the line that I have cross checked with my parents so don’t worry about the world (both laughing). So we started together and we have filmy keeda since childhood and diploma in films.

Farhad- We have not gone to any institutions or not learnt about film making but yes the biggest thing is to know about the films and being passionate about films, loving Hindi cinema. This was our diploma since childhood.

Sajid- We are Bandra boys. We used to buy tickets on Friday and go for movie every week. We used to run and get the tickets of ‘Khuda Gawah’, ‘Hum’ and when we used to come back to colony and if we had tickets in hand we used to get a date with girl which now a days is easy for us (joking). But fun and passion was there and we can’t forget those days.

Farhad- Then I started writing lyrics, we shifted for time being to Bangalore. I started writing and being part of local competitions. Sajid said we don’t have market here we need to go back Mumbai but I thought we have talent so something will surely come out within 3 months. We have worked very hard and it was a tuff thing but when you have done struggle and then earn it that feels great.

Sajid- Basically whole family was with us and they were supportive. My wife and also Farhad’s wife was always there for both of us. Because of them we survived. One fine day a miracle happened Salman Khan gave us a break. He is godfather of our industry without knowing anyone from the industry he saw our sheer talent and he is totally selfless. Then journey started we started writing songs and slowly learnt to do script writing and now we absolutely finished scripting ‘Golmaal 4’. We have written 11 films till now. One fine day we had one more godfather, Akshay Kumar, who comes and says when you can write so well you can even direct. So we knew the angels and all the field work he encouraged us to get in that direction. That was history then and we made our first film.

Your debut as a director was with the movie ‘The Entertainment’ and later ‘Housefull 3’ both are hits. What were your efforts as a director?

Sajid- When you make a film the most important thing is script. Our forte was script and we go bound on sets with it so our 50 percent of job was done. Then once getting into direction it was not easy as writing doesn’t have more departments but direction has many more departments to look upon like costumes, looks, location and much more. So effort we put is 24×7. Without hard work you can’t earn anything.

Farhad- Yes there was one good change which was we were given more service and respect. Things were getting easier as people used to bring umbrella, juice and all facilities but that came with hard work.

As you have penned down many scripts how do you see the place of writers in today’s Bollywood?

Sajid- I would like to say that there is lot of improvement in writer’s department. At first they were not much respected whereas if you see in Hollywood they respect writers more and they credit them first. But now things have changed as we have wrote successful films we got respect along with that. People are now respecting writers as hat is the most creative concept of filmmaking. We went through that we know there are still few things which are needed to be changed but we know they will change with time.

 Your one-liners in movies like ‘Ready’, ‘Golmaal Returns’ and many more are still enjoyed by everyone. So how do you come up with something new always?

Sajid- I have to mix with young people as we have to keep ourselves updated. Due respect, to the writers who all are stuck to that era but that is the reason they can’t recreate or deliver things. According to me you have to change with time and stay connected to youth. Sometimes I get down in my colony to play football with them because I like to hear their lingo and way of giving bad words or saying things. Basic things are action, comedy, and drama but how to present this in today’s generation is important. Because you guys of this generation are very impatient, you can’t sit for a 3 hour movie, you people find it boring and it was opposite earlier. So things have changed and keep you updated.

In both the films as a director you have worked with Akshay Kumar, so how was your experience working with him?

Sajid- It is a cliché to say he is nice person as people think he has helped by giving us a movie. But believe me one thing he is so down to earth, such a great actor, and great human. As an actor he has proved himself he gave all blockbusters this year. Because he is not insecure. Second thing is he keeps on working. He is the alone actor who gives 4 to 5 movies every year which shows dedication and how much he respects his work.

Farhad- If he says keep making films with me we don’t mind that throughout the life. He has helped us a lot as a human and an actor. God bless him.

Sajid- With him it is always full of fun there are so many funny instances. Every day is an experience. I will share once experience which was touchy for us. We did the film ‘The Entertainment’ and the dog was an important character so we were all sitting across the table and deciding for the title of movie. People came out with lot of names but Akshay said no the film will be titled with dog’s name as this thing was not needed. But he said the most important central character is the dog and then it was named after him.

These are some things to be shared which show Akshay’s other side. It is all bullcrap when people say Akshay cuts off other hero’s roles or interferes in direction. We have never experienced such with him.

What makes a film great for you?

Sajid- A good film is a film where I go with a family and I sit inside and I forget the world for 2 and half hour I forget my stress, my breakfast, my sadness and I am smiling and laughing. I feel that I am in this world enjoying it and then you get recharged. Where you get a better point of view at looking things and this I am saying not as a director even before that when I used to watch movie it used to enhance my personality.

Farhad- I think a good film is where you take your audience to different world. Because life is not easy you have to survive and keep walking and in between you get small happiness through films or through anything you should always cherish them.

 What do you love the most about what you both do?

Sajid- You get super high when you sit on a script you write a scene and that scene develops into a very important part of film where you will shoot it, when actors perform in that I feel it is a fantastic I can’t explain through words. Later when lights go off in theatres and you sit behind to see the reaction of people and you get it exactly as you expected oh my god it is like Qubul hai type.

Farhad- I feel we are brothers we have lot of things in common and even this feeling is mutual with us.

When you both work together, how do you divide your work? There would be times when your thoughts differ, so how you solve them together?

Sajid- It’s absolutely same like girlfriend and boyfriend relationship there are times when we fight then one of us understands and try to solve. We are writing together from 10 years but we are together from the day he was born.

Farhad- We know each other from 42 years and it is a long time and everyone has come into our lives after us.

You both have penned down the biggest hit song of ‘Munnabhai MBBS.’ Tell us about the making of it.

Farhad- We started writing lyrics. We wrote for ‘Munna mobile’ and couple of other songs and then one fine day we get a call from Anu Malik who was music director of ‘Munnabhai MBBS’ and he explained us the character and told to write. That’s it we wrote and they loved it and song was on. That was the major song which made us to go for writing. That is a special song for us.

Which was the last song you wrote?

Sajid- We write in our movies as now we are directors so no one asks (laughing). We both wrote together for ‘Housefull 3’ and also in ‘Bol Bachchan’ so writing songs is our first love we can’t forget.

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