So one of the most anticipated films of the year released this past week in BHARAT. The film has given Salman Khan his biggest opening day ever. The film got on to INR 42 cr. on day one. This too, despite India playing its first world cup match against South Africa, on the same day; and it being a 50 over game which in a way plays out for a whole day as well.

Due to that, there could have been a lot of shows that could have been affected. Especially from the afternoon through the night. But, Salman’s star power is just unparalleled to anyone in the industry. Last year as well we saw THUGS OF HINDOSTAN going on to do INR 50 cr. on Diwali day which didn’t have any other competition and it was a holiday. The situation was the same with BHARAT with it releasing on Eid but the competition BHARAT faced was from India’s match, and we all know how important cricket is in India. The match did affect the film but not by much, but it did make an effect nonetheless. So the 42 cr. that BHARAT has made does come along with some conditions apply, as they say.

But the biggest thing that we can see through this film is that, Salman’s star power is not diminishing and doesn’t even look remotely likely to. There were a lot of people who had written off the star power of superstars in the industry over the last few years just because some of their films haven’t worked. But this year, the star pull that these actors, including Salman and the likes, have is just tremendous. They just keep going from strength to strength and keep making big records at the box office.

Salman also has another release this year in DABANGG 3 which releases at the end of the year, around Christmas. All the anticipation is going to be massive on that as well. It will be really interesting to see where BHARAT gets to eventually in its lifetime. The first few days have been really good for the film and as it progresses, we will get a clearer picture of by the end of the weekend.

But anyway, the point of the matter is that Salman’s star power has been solidified once more for not only the public in general but also the trade in particular. These kind of superstars are really rare. They’re once in a generation kind of stars and we’re lucky to have not just one but a few of them at the same time working together, be it Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar or Ajay Devgn. All these big superstars just have the knack to come up with films where the audiences just line up to see their films, first day first show.

Salman has just come up and done this big number and it just shows that the audiences are just hungry for a hood film and they don’t care for the trappings of a cricket match and such things. If there’s a film that excites them they will go ahead and they will watch it and in fact they will come out in hordes to watch the film as well.

By – Amul Vikas Mohan Trade Magazine