This film is about cross border terrorism and the Anti Terrorism Squad formed by the Government and their style of functioning with the Intelligence Squad and how it tries to send moles in the enemy’s fold. Sameer (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub ) is a roommate of the dreaded terrorist Yasin who is responsible for the blasts in Gujarat and the Godhra riots. So an ATS officer Vikrant Desai (Subrat Dutt) recruits Sameer to get close to Yasin’s family and get some information about Yasin and about impending bomb blasts . So Sameer gets close to his aunt (Seema Biswas) and brother Shahid (Chinmay Mandlekar ) who runs a bakery but wants revenge as his father has been killed in the riots and his bakery burnt. There is also a reporter (Anjali Patil) who gives a balanced version about the role of minorities and so the terrorists communicate with her and Subrat finally gets to know the location of the next bomb blasts and he succeeds in saving the city from more blasts. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub is very impressive. Subrat Dutt is a revelation and more will be seen of this fantastic actor in the future. Anjali Patil has shades of Smita Patil and does well. Chinmay Mandlekar is superb. Seema Biswas is credible as always. The director has portrayed a very sensitive subject very poignantly. Music is okay. The film is for niche audiences.

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