We get in chat with Samir Kochhar a known face in the industry. Recently we witnessed him in ‘Sacred Games’ and ‘Typewriter’. He tells us about his experience working with these talented artists, directors and much more.

How do you select your script?

I’m somebody who loves to do good work. I love to do the work that I know people will watch and this is a wonderful time for digital platform. I look at the script, the character and the platform it’s on. I also look at the kind of reach and impact it’s going to have and then select the script accordingly.  It works everywhere for me whether it is television, Films or anchoring. To be working with Sujoy Ghosh, VikramMotwane, Saif Ali Khan and many more people it’s just a great feeling to be working with such talented people.

‘Type Writer’ and ‘Sacred Games’ are both of different genres so how did you prepare yourself for the character?

I take the scripts home with me, read it and also look at it from perspective of  a overall script than from characters point of view; later sit and analyze what your character is like and what he would do. And of course when you are working with directors like Sujoy and the other directors you somehow want to leave yourself in their hands. They have done such great work in the past and they bring so much to what you are as an actor and performer that it makes you enhance your performance. As an actor you just think of what you are doing and what will you do but the director is someone who has a vision of the entire show. In most cases the preparations I do somehow just gets better after I’m on set and I have directors vision telling me how I can take things forward. When there are two different genres you just walk into two different sets and perform accordingly.

How was it to work in an atmosphere like ‘Sacred Games’, having some of the best and finest actors in the show!

It was an amazing experience to work on the set of a series that has garnered so much love from the audience. Though my screen time was less, I loved being a part of the show as it had all the talented and finest people. I learnt a lot working with them.

Tell us a bit about your character in typewriter and how was it on the sets and with the co-stars.

Playing an infidel husband in ‘Typewriter’ was quite a challenge. To know more about my character in detail you need to watch the series! Working with Sujoy and Palomi Ghosh was always fun. No matter how hectic our shoots went Sujoy would never lose his calm and would patiently address everyone. That’s the best thing about him.

You have been a part of all mediums; be it television, silver screen or digital. How do you see yourself in all these years? What has been the difference that you noticed?

There are a lot of things in common in all the mediums that I have worked. I see myself doing shows with more powerful content in the near future. Of course, I have changed for the better all these years. Being around so many amazing people, I have evolved as a person. I have become more patient and positive and I hope to grow and learn more in life.

Hosting and acting have been something you always do. How do you juggle between both and which is your favourite?

I can’t choose between the two of them. Both of them remain my personal favourites. Anchoring expects you to be honest and upbeat whereas you need to get into the character while playing a role. I don’t juggle as such; I do a project only when I find it interesting. So yes, acting is something I would want to do more in the future.

What are the shows you prefer to watch and do you have a specific genre that, you have ever tried and want to work on?

Currently, I am very busy and I don’t get much time to watch shows. However mystery, thriller and action are my favourite genres. As I said earlier, I don’t take up a project based on my screen time or genre, I would always mould my character according to the genre and so there is no as such genre that I want to work on.

What are the projects in the pipeline?

I have some projects lined up. Let’s see how it goes. I hope for the best! CinemaInterviewsBollywood Trade Magazine