This film is a bio-pic on the recently deceased BJP and Dalit leader Gopinath Munde and traces his life from obscure poverty in a backward village to his rise as the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra who did a wonderful job for the downtrodden  masses but his efforts to deal with the crime situation and his encounter killings brought a lot of enemies for him which put his family in grave trouble especially his daughter who is politically inclined (Shruti Marathe) and his other daughters who always complain that their father has no time for his family. And in the interim he also has to deal with the point blank shooting of his best friend Pramod Mahajan( Omkar Karve)  at the hands of his own brother(Girish Pardesi)  and he is left distraught with no help. The film has been well researched and the facts are all true with absolutely no room for fiction however the delay in the release of the film due to the Censor Problems makes the film look a bit dated and especially the background  music which is very loud and jarring and the dialogues are overlapped by the loud background music. Sharad Kelkar does a fine job as the mass leader Gopinath Munde and his mannerisms and looks with the help of prosthetic music , he does full justice to his difficult part. Deepti Bhagwat as his wife is good. Shruti Marathe is very impressive. Pritam Kangne and Shilpa Gandhi support well. The music is okay. Technically a very slick film. The crowd scenes have been shot well. The true footage is good too. A good bio-pic.

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