Interview By: Amul Vikas Mohan

He’s back after a while with Bhoomi but that doesn’t change the fact that the audience loves him and continues to be curious about seeing him on-screen. We catch up with Sanjay Dutt for a quick chat about his latest release!

Firstly how was the experience working on ‘Bhoomi’ and secondly coming on a film set after so long; how was the whole situation?
It was a great feeling for me, very emotional; I was a bit nervous initially but then looking at the atmosphere, caravans, lights, the unit, people were happy. So it made me feel really good.

There was a lot of anticipation about what you’ll do once back and there were so many films that were talked about so what was it that attracted you to do Bhoomi as a comeback?
One thing that I would like to say is that – I love to do commercial cinema, so this was like a whole package of commercialism with a message, with ‘betibachao – betipadao’ which is a big thing in the country. Plus when I was in jail and I use to hear about these rape cases I use to not take it very nicely. And then it’s a father and a daughter relationship with such turmoil so I had to do this film.

Back in the day you had done something similar like in ‘PITAAH’ – Is there any comparison to that?
No, no comparison at all. It’s completely different.

How is the experience working with a new set of people right now, because the way films are made now are slightly different since the last time you were on sets.
Yes it is different and new to me and I am trying to cope with it but I believe it’s done and brought out well.

Making a movie now is easier than going out and promoting it which is a different aspect of film making now.
Yes, it is actually. But this happens with everybody right?

The film is very intense and there’s a lot of turmoil that this character goes through, and that is something we always had in mind with you; because we know you can always pull of something so intense; so was it easy for you to just step in and that’s why there was a comfort zone and hence you said yes to the film?
No I didn’t hence say yes to the film because of this but the script was very powerful, it’s turmoilfor a family that goes through it. But when it comes to action and stuff it was easy and I was very comfortable doing it which was good.

And it is very desi also which is not probably you have not done in a while…
Yes. Exactly!

How was it working with the director Omung Kumar since he has made a good name since the past couple of years with hard hitting films like ‘ Sarbjit’ last year and prior to that ‘Mary Kom’.
It was really nice and I loved working with him, he is a much focused director and knows what he wants.  The script was written nicely so I really enjoyed working with him and the atmosphere of the set was also really good.

“My biopic is not to glorify me by any chance; it’s my actual story”

Are you doing something else with him also because everyone is talking about the ‘Great Maharaja’?
Yes that and another film‘Malang’ –that also I’m doing.

How do you feel when you come back and hear that a film is made on you; how do you take that? Because you are so relevant right now also because there are people on whom biopics are been made but they are not as relevant to the core audience as you are…
It’s good and I feel kind of honored. I’m sure there must be something interesting in my story that Rajkumar Hirani wanted to make it (smiles).  My biopic is not to glorify me by any chance; it’s my actual story.  A spade is a spade so there is nothing to make me a hero.

So you were okay with the idea though.
Yes, absolutely. I’m always out there, there is nothing hidden.

So the vulnerability is also a part and parcel which people really don’t know about your personal character.

What are your expectations from ‘Bhoomi’ when the film is out?
I can only pray and hope that the audience loves it and I pray and hope that it’s a hit. Apart from that I cannot do anything I’ve given my best in the movie, I’ve done my work.

How do you feel that your popular songs have been re-made and is going good?
It’s a great feeling.

Do you feel a little old now?
No, no. Not at all!

At this point of time what are the kinds of films you looking for, what zone are you looking to explore which probably you didn’t do earlier…
The zone what I’m looking at is Denzel Washington or Mel Gibsonof  ‘Blood Father’ or  Kevin Costner of  ‘Criminal’. You know that zone nobody has touched yet and I want to get into that cinema. He is an older guy but he is the tough guy. I want to do commercial films.

Like Liam Neeson right now?
Yes absolutely right like Liam Neeson.

But do you think it’s easier now because people want to make a realistic cinema with the commercial parameter and it is a very difficult task to crack that.
Absolutelyand that’s the thing I want to with acting.

Like ‘Sultan’ and ‘Dangal’ did which is very desi and commercial to the core and with its parameters so that’s something you looking for? A mix and match…
Yes. Absolutely!

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