We get in chat with Sanjay Kapoor for his upcoming movie ‘The Zoya Factor’ where he tells us about his character and how times have changed in the industry. He also tells us how he feels about the fact that the girl who grew up in front of his eyes; is sharing the same screen space with him. To know more about the movie from Sanjay Kapoor continue reading…

How was it working with your niece for the first time and playing the role of her father?

To be a part of ‘The Zoya Factor’ itselfwas a pleasure. I have known Aarti and Pooja Shetty for a very long time. I have very high regards for Mr.Manmohan Shetty. He is one of the most senior in the industry and when I got this offer, Abhishek was directing the film. I had seen his first movie that is ‘Tere Bin Laden’ I really liked his work so much that I had called him up and told him to direct a movie for me if I ever produce one. When I got a chance to be a part of ‘The Zoya Factor’ and Abhishek called me up; I was very happy and excited to work with him. He told me that Sonam is playing Zoya. I met him and heard the script and found it really interesting. My role was very nice and beautiful. Most of my scenes are with Sonam even though it’s not a lengthy role. I have 8-9 scenes in the movie. The chemistry between Sonamand me has worked very well. For me acting with Sonam was very interesting because I have seen her since she was a baby and she grew up in front of my eye. I saw her become a beautiful women and an actress but once we are in front of camera everything changes as she is still my niece but on sets she is Zoya Solanki to me and I’m Vikram Solanki. It was great to be a part of such a beautiful set up. I’m very happy that I was a part of ‘The Zoya Factor’. For me, playing father was a different avenue even though I have been in the industry for a really long time. I have played different roles and when I keep doing it different directors will obviously see me in different light and every actor goes through transition period and I feel this was a very beautiful moment for me in a transition to play Vidya’s husband in ‘Mission Mangal’ and play Sonam’s father in ‘The Zoya Factor’.

How did you approach the role?

We did a lot of readings. Abhishek believes a lot in workshops. For four days we did our scene with Abhishek.  We used to first do breathing exercises and Abhishek believes in starting off with meditation then go for readings and workshops. So when we are on set, it was easier to work as we all rehearsed together already. I feel the workshop has helped me a lot as an actor.

You have played different characters back to back; so did these characters leave something behind in you?

The kind of films I did like ‘Lust Stories’ and the character I played in it, is not what I’m in real life. I wouldn’t want anything about Salman to remain in me because of the kind of person he was. Where ‘Mission Mangal’ was concerned; the character I played was a nagging father but in love with his children. He was very particular because he thought the children were getting neglected as the mother was more interested in sending the rocket rather than taking care of her children.  I don’t want to take those things from that character. I’ll take back from ‘The Zoya Factor’ because the kind of relationship Vikram and Zoya had is the type of relationship I have with my kids. So yes, I would love to take Vikram’s character home.

According to you, what will the audience be more attracted to?

I have been in the industry for last 25 years as an actor and I have been born in the film industry but when you see the film on first day with the audience and in the trail what you see are two completely different things. When ‘Hum Paanch’ released, I saw it in theatre and when I went home I told Boney and Dad that the movie is super hit because I could feel the live reaction of the audience and you can’t feel the same thing in the trial theatre. When you are involved in the film you understand what is working and what is not but there are too many emotions as it is like you are a child because you have seen only positive things of it as you are a part of it. So to judge a film is really difficult but yes when I saw ‘The Zoya Factor’ it made me feel like I saw what I read on the screens.

You have surely evolved as an actor in the recent years! When you watch any of your old films what is the difference do you find?

Today the work that they put in a character is much more than what they used to put earlier and I enjoy seeing my earlier films. Whenever I see ‘Prem’ today I feel like if ‘Prem’ was made today it might have been made in the same way.

Do you follow box-office numbers?

I do follow box office numbers for some movies and when you watch a movie and like it, you obviously want to know how well the movie has done and if you are on the same page as the audience. I have been born and brought up in the industry and by heart I’m a producer so I will be lying if I say that I don’t follow the box office numbers. CinemaInterviewsBollywood Trade Magazine