Producers- Viacom 18
Director- Akashdeep Sabir
Music-Nadeem Amjad Jaidev Kumar, Jassi Katyal.

The film is a spoof about spy’s and espionage thrillers and secret agents films on the lines of ‘James Bond’, ‘Airplane’, ‘Naked Gun series’, and ‘Hotshots’ and ‘Bean’series. And we had some IS Johar starring films in the seventies of this genre. Ayub Khan playing an Ambassador in Fiji is kidnapped and the Indian Intelligence Agency RAW led by Tinnu Anand who assigns the case to his assistant played by Vijay Raaz who has a strong dislike for his superior and when he is asked to assign a senior secret agent duo Santa Banta , he spots a completely innocent Punjabi Sardar duo down on their luck and they are absolute airheads and they are packed off to Fiji to rescue the Ambassador and in Fiji they are helped by their local agents Cutie (Lisa Haydon) and Sanjay Mishra who help them and Santa Banta after a hilarious escapades one after another which are howlarious and literally has the audience laughing in the aisles and the lines written are very well acted by a boisterous Boman Irani playing Santa and a unknowingly restrained but extremely funny Banta played by Veer Das who are the best part of the film. Neha Dhupia signs in a brief role. Ram Kapoor as the villain is funny and menacing too. Johnny Lever as the Nepali don brings the house down along with his two crazy henchmen played by Vrajesh Hirjee and Vijay Patkar. Lisa Haydon is superb. Sanjay Mishra is serious for a change and does complete justice to his role. Tinu Anand and Vijay Raaz are good. The music is good and has been well picturized on the locations of Fiji which are beautiful to say the least. Director Akashdeep Sabir has done a reasonably good job of entertaining the audience.



At the box office, the film will be a wash out.

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