Interview By: Hasti Doshi

After playing gold medalist Babita Phogat in ‘Dangal’, Sanya Malhotra was seen in Vishal Bhardwaj’s ‘Pataakha’ and in no time she is all set for her recent release ‘Badhaai Ho’. Sanya, talks to us about her ‘Badhaai Ho’ journey. How blessed and grateful she feels with the kind of appreciation and recognition she has received and how anything which is related to films is like a dream come true for her. Read on…

In real life if a situation like ‘Badhaai Ho’ comes in front of you what would be your reaction?                                                                 

If something like this happens then, I think I can totally relate to my character and I am a lot like her, because I like to mind my own business.  And also, it’s their life and their wish. Firstly for me love has no age. And if you won’t love your wife then who will?

Have you heard something like old age pregnancy before or have experienced this happening around you?            

I guess it use to often happen during 70’s and 80’s and it was normal and now I don’t know why it has all of a sudden become a taboo.  I am glad that our writers have written such an amazing script, this is something completely out of the box and we have not seen this.  It came out as a shock I think to everyone who saw, and people’s response was like, they haven’t seen something like this before.  ‘Badhaai Ho’ has been written so beautifully and in a funny way that even such a topic seem to be light- hearted and entertaining.  I believe after so many months a film is made in Bollywood where, you can take your entire family to watch this film. So, it’s completely out of the box and I am glad that these writers are doing such an amazing job and they are coming up with such crazy scripts.

So, was this uniqueness of the script that really attracted you to do the film?                                                                   

I think all the characters are very well written by Shanatanu and Akshat. Firstly when I heard the narration I couldn’t stop laughing.  I was like – ‘Oh My God’. I want to be part of this film; I want to be this character. This was for the first time when I didn’t think much, otherwise I use to be like I’ll take  1 or 2  days to  say a yes.

Back to back two films in a row ‘Pataakha’ and ‘Badhaai Ho’ how does it feel?                                                                                                                    

I love being on sets and I love acting and I just love being my characters. But promotions’ being I is tough.  (Laughs)

How has the experience been working with such invested actors?                                                                             

We use to have a lot of fun and when we all use to sit together; it use to be like one big group. Many funny conversations we had and unlimited masti, at time our director Amit use to tell us it’ll be good if we work also. (Laughs)  And Gajraj ji takes the best selfie’s. He is a human selfie stick.  And working with such great actors is great learning experience.  I am really blessed that so early on my career I am getting to work with such good actors.  My first day on set was with Neena Ji and Gajraj  ji and I was really nervous, obviously  because they are two really good actors and what happens if they think I’m a worst actor, I was really anxious. But when I went on sets I didn’t see Neena ji and Gajraj ji but just saw them as Nakul’s parents; they were so into their characters.  So that’s the sign of a good actor, you can’t see their persona.

After ‘Dangal’ the films you’ve done, was it a conscious decision or are you choosy in a way?                                  

Choosy is not a right word actually, whenever I am reading a script or whenever I get a narration. And at times when you hear the script and then you imagine yourself in that character.  So after ‘Dangal’, the films I’ve done is after hearing the narration or reading the script,  and have creatively got connected to it and somewhere I felt that, this might be a challenge for me as an actor to play a character like this. So, that really excites me and on these rounds I choose my scripts.  Sometimes when you’re reading a script, even though the script is really nice it is so hard to place yourself in it, so that happens, so I would say it’s very instinctive, if I can imagine myself and think it can really be a good challenge for me or I might get to learn something from the character then I do it.

Three films down, how evolved do you feel and at the same time gratified with the recognition and the appreciation you’ve received from the audiences and critics?                                                                                            

I feel extremely grateful that I got a wonderful opportunity through ‘Dangal’ and not a lot of people get that kind of a debut. I feel extremely grateful and blessed to be an actor because I always wanted to be one. And every day is amazing, giving interviews, being in front of the camera, doing films, and anything which is related to films is like a dream to me.

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