This is the third film in the Sarkaar franchise and a complete disappointment except for Amitabh Bachchan’s performance as the Almighty Sarkaar- Subhash Nagre who rules the state with an iron hand and runs a parallel government with his two trusted aides Gokul (Ronit Roy) and his dumb brother. The film has a plot of the development of the notorious Dharavi area of local Mumbai which is the largest slum in the world and a coterie of businessmen want to develop that area with their own whims and fancies which will harm the interests of the slum dwellers  and that is why precisely Sarkaar doesn’t want the project to go ahead which takes Sarkaars rivalry with Gandhi (Bajrangbali Singh) and Michael Vallya (Jackie Shroff) who controls his business empire from Dubai , and Nagre’s arch political rival Govind Deshpande (Manoj Bajpayee) and his mother ( Rohini Hattangadi)  and an union leader Gorakh (Bharat Dabholkar) and Nagre’s grandson Shivaji Nagre (Amit Sadh) who is hot headed and hates Gokul and wants to take on Sarkaar along with his girlfriend Annu Karkare ( Yami Gautam) who wants to kill Nagre because she thinks Sarkaar has killed her father and now she is thirsting for revenge. The whole film is about the conflict between all these characters and the machinations they play to downsize each other and how Sarkaar makes a masterplan taking his grandson into confidence and how they defeat their enemies. RGV has a flair for such films but this time round his characters are poorly etched, the script goes haywire, and the dialogues and Sarkaars performance is the only saving grace of the film. The DOP has shot the film in some innovative angles and with backlit lighting which makes the film interesting to watch especially the tight close ups of the lead characters. The editing could have been better. Manoj Bajpayee once again proves how good an actor he is. Amit Sadh shows promise. Yami Gautam shines in her brief role. Jackie Shroff looks suave and acts well. Ronit Roy is the best performer of the lot. Supriya Pathak is impressive as Sarkaars wife. Bharat Dabholkar is very good. Parag Tyagi as the dumb Raman does well. Suhas Palshikar shines in a brief role. The film could have been as good as the Godfather trilogy or Once Upon a Time in America series or the Martin Scorcese films like The Departed or Good Fellas but it falls short of expectations.

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