Certificate: A

Director: Milap Milan Zaveri

Starring: John Abraham, Manoj Bajpayee, Aisha Sharma, Amruta Khanvilkar

Story: Milap Milan Zaveri

Dialogue: Milap Milan Zaveri

T Series and Emmay Entertainment’s SATYAMEVA JAYATE is an action thriller where Veer (John Abraham) fights against corrupt police officers. The film starts off where Veer kills a corrupt police officer; he is a vigilante who is on a mission to kill corrupt police officers. In order to stop him, enters DCP Shivansh (Manoj Bajpayee ), soon the cat and mouse chase begins. The film largely looks like a 70’s and 80’s type of a Bollywood film, dialogue bazzi, relentless background music, cliché sequence and all that. The film has plenty of violence, twists and turns and a big reveal just before the interval but all that rather than engaging, bores you a lot. The film talks a lot about patriotism, soldiers and citizens but largely the film is not able to bring any sort of patriotism in the hearts of the audience.  Apart from the hospital scene, no other scenes are worth remembering. The first half starts off well but the second half is okay. Lots of human bodies get doused in kerosene and lit with matchsticks, bullets fly and all the essential one needs for a typical Hindi film which would have done good in the 80’s and 90’s but not in today’s times where good content cinema is the need for the hour along with logical action films.

Technically the film is okay, Editing by Maahir Zaveri is good, and cinematography by Nigam Bomzan is one of the biggest flaws of the film. The script does not sever well, dialogues are okay. Only the song Dilbar stands out and even the background score is something we have heard several times in many action films.

Performances wise John Abraham is good but apart from fighting the corrupt officers there is nothing much for him to do.  Manoj Bajpayee tries to give his best but is burdened with a half baked character. Debutant Aisha Sharma is average. Amurata Khanvilkar is wasted by just giving her two or three scenes in the movie.

Director Milap Milan Zaveri dishes out the same old cinema about fighting against corruption and injustice that were largely made in the 80’s and early 90’s.Even though he tries to add a little bit of freshness to it but it did not help the movie in any which ways.


At the box-office

The film has taken a brilliant start and will eventually turn out to be a very profitable venture for all parties involved.

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