The second Namaste Thailand Film Festival -2018 was held at Sirifort New Delhi from 31st Aug to 2nd Sep 2018. The festival was organized by Royal Thai Embassy, New Delhi in collaboration with Directorate of Film Festivals, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, New Delhi. The first Namaste Thailand film Festival was held in 2017 as a part of series of activities to celebrate the 70 thAnniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Thailand and the Republic of India.

The second Namaste Thailand film Festival was inaugurated by the Ambassador of the Royal Thai Embassy, H.E Mr. ChutintornGongsakdi on 31st Aug 2018 at Sirifort in the presence of AnuchaBoonyawatana, Director of the film “Malila”,Producer of the of the film , DonsaronKovivanitcha and Ms. Indrani Bose, Deputy Director/Directorate of Film Festivals and the nodal officer of the film Festival.At the outset, Ms. Indrani welcomed the film delegation from Thailand, to Delhi.

The Thailand Ambassador in his inaugural address said,”this film festival is the annual feature and the present film festival is the second one. Thai films have already participated in the First ASEAN Film Festival held at Sirifortfrom 25th to 30th May 2018 .Three Thai films, Bad Genius, Die Tomorrowand The Journey were screened in the First ASEAN film Festival .I have been to North Eastern region of India 18th times.  I watch Indian documentaries at home.Films exhibit Similarities of culture between the two countries. Six films being shown in this festival represent the society and the culture of Thailand which is very similar to that of India.”AnuchaBoonyawatana, the director the film, Malila said, “My film has already been screened in Kerala International Film Festival last year. My film was judged as little controversial in the Kerala festival because of gay element. This is my second visit to India.”DonsaronKovivanitcha, the producer of the film Malila , said, “this is my first visit to India . I am thankful to Thai embassy and Govt of India for inviting me to present my film as a part of second Namaste Thai film Festival in New Delhi.

Namaste Thailand Film festival continues to be annual feature to celebrate the long lasting friendship between the people of two nations – a relationship based on deep, rich, and cordial linkage and shared cultural heritage that bears testimony to fruitful cooperation and exchange between the people. The second edition of Thai Film Festival this year featured an all round selection of six quality Thai films. Each represent Thailand and it’s culture in different ways.

“Bad Genius” happened to be the inaugural film of the second Namaste Thialand film Festival. This film is the most internationally successful Thai film ever. It reached no 6 in the World Wide Box office. Winner of multiple awards in Thailandand and in international festivals. The six Thai films that were screened in the festival are, Bad Genius, 4Bia, Malila-The Farewell Flower, Brother of the War, Yak, the Giant King and Pee Mak. Though this festival was organized at a very short notice, leaving no time for publicity, yet there was fairly good response in all the films. All the films represented different cross sections of society of Thailand, which is quite similar to India.

I attended the full Thai film Festival, including the inauguration. All the films had something special to convey. I had the opportunity to interact with the director and producer of the film, Malila on second day of the festival, after the Q/A session. Mr. ApiratSugondhabhrom, Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission of Royal Thai Embassy, was also present during Q/A session.

SM-Did you go to any Film/ Television school before making films.

AB – Yes, I did 4year mass communication from 2000 to 2004.

 SM- when did you make your first film?

AB- I made my first film when I was studying in First year. it was a short fiction film, called, SCARLET  DESIRE. The duration of the film was 22 mins.

SM- What was it about?

AB – It was a horror film involving a man, a woman and a transgender.

SM – When did you make your first feature film?

AB – I made my first feature in 2015. The name of the film is “The Blue Hour”. It is 98 mins duration and based on true incidents about romance/horror.

SM- How was the public response?

AB- The film had limited release.

SM- which is your latest film?

AB – Malila is my latest feature film was produced in 2017.This film has been very well received in Thailand. In India, this is our 4th show. The first show was in Kerala last year,The second in Bangalore, the third in India Habitat Centre, New Delhi and fourth in this festival.

SM- How do you like India?

AB – I like India very much. I love Indian food in Delhi.

I congratulate all officers and staff of Royal Thai Embassy and Directorate of film Festivals/ Ministry of Information and broadcasting on the great success of Second Namaste Thailand Film Festival 2018. I also comprehend the special contribution made by Anup Kumar of DFF in making this festival a success,despite short time. I wish a great success of third Namaste Thailand Film Festival in India. Trade Magazine