This film sheds light on the police force and its problems and those especially faced by the policemen in the light of duty, like being overworked, less pay, mentally stressed out, taking to malpractices because of low pay, the chasm between the seniors and the juniors and the general frustration among the police personnel. Hawaldar Ghodke( Ashok Saraf) is a veteran policeman and has seen life from close quarters and is prone to philosophy and is generally stressed out. ASI Dilip Thakur (Upendra Limaye) is a dashing young man but prone to get freebies from the restaurants in town which is quite agreeable given the circumstances. In comes a young man ASI Jadhav, ( Vikas Patil) Public Service Commission recruit who is well meaning and idealistic and doing his duty is of prime importance to him. They get assigned to solve jewellery heists in the city and they solve it but the robber is a Bihari Manoj (Suyog Gorhe) brought up in Mumbai and knows Marathi very well and is a qualified engineer but is facing rough times but well meaning in his heart. He tells the police the story of his life and also that the loot is stashed in his hometown Motipur in Bihar and the trio of policemen leave for Bihar along with the robber and they fall into various difficult circumstances in an unknown state and after all their belongings are stolen in the train they take refuge in Manoj’s home and are treated well and they have a change of heart and promise Manoj that he will be given a lesser sentence. Ashok Saraf returns to the big screen after quite a while and he is the top performer in the film. Upendra Limaye is his usual self. Vikas Patil shows promise. Raghuveer Yadav, Vidyadhar Joshi, Ramesh Wani, Madhav Abhyankar, Pallavi Patil, Pushkar Shrotri, Rajan Bhise, Uma Sardeshmukh, lend good support. Music by Milind Joshi has one catchy raunchy number. Cinematography by Mahesh Limaye is excellent. Overall a good police drama.

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