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In the last three months Amitabh Bachchan who has set several trends during his four decade career has been busy setting some new trends at an age and time when other men at his age sit back, relax and go into long flashbacks or in some cases even go through acute depression. He has been working day and night on the two films he has on hand, TE3N and PINK and has created some kind of an extraordinary record by completing the shooting of both these films which have aroused a great deal of curiosity ever since shooting for the films began and the main reason are the characters Amitabh is playing in them and the curiosity about Amitabh, the actor has never died down, even at times when his films were not doing well and strangely even when he had taken that five-year sabbatical.

His new trend started with PIKU which was a film which was based on an unusual but simple story that could appeal to every member of the family, thus leading to the film winning the hearts of people and even all the major awards, including the National Award which was the fourth in the career of the phenomenon of our times. The success of PIKU led to other filmmakers making their own efforts to make other films the way PIKU was made. The film had a story which was well planned out in the minds of the makers. It had some of the most outstanding performances by Amitabh, Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan besides some interesting roles played by veteran actresses like Mousumi Chatterjee who was Amitabh’s leading lady in a Basu Chatterjee film called MANZIL made in the nineties. It was an amalgamation of some of the best elements of entertainment that made PIKU a landmark film. It was this story that encouraged other filmmakers to try out similar stories with Amitabh as the key character.

Amitabh himself seemed to have discovered a new Amitabh in him, an actor who could make a deep impact with the character he played and brought in the audience when other actors half his age or less could not work the same kind of wonders however hard they worked and however much they were paid for the work which they did and did not find favour with the audience.

Amitabh also planned out his own working schedules in this latest span of his career. He tried his best to complete his films according to a planned schedule. He had made it possible to complete a film like PIKU in less than ninety days of hectic shooting. This was the plan he worked out to great success with PIKU and he has just completed all the shooting for TE3N within seventy-five days and has left enough time to pay all the attention to the post production work of the film. His schedules have also encouraged other artists like Deepika, Vidya Balan, Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui to adjust their schedules to match with his dates because they knew it would only be a step that would go against them if they lost an opportunity to work with the legend and icon of all times.

Amitabh has apparently made it a rule to work in films which he could complete in the time a film and its subject and treatment deserved. It is this new trend that he has started when he is seventy-three that he has followed in his other film, PINK and all the shooting of this film is also said to be complete and Amitabh, the complete professional is now working on the post production stages of the film.

It is this rigid schedule that he has accepted and has made others accept after seeing the advantages that has led the seventy-three year old actor do what he could do even when he was forty!

He is not only an actor in the films he is now doing but takes interest in all the aspects of the making of a film in which he works. He has a team which goes through the several scripts sent to him and advises him on which ones he should take seriously and which he should strictly avoid at this stage. He also takes interest in the way the script is worked on and how every character is brought to life. And if needed the man who is called “The Voice” is still willing to sing a song or two in the films he dedicates his life to. All this put together can only lead to the making of a better film more than helping the legend in growing into a greater legend.

After the release of TE3N and PINK, Amitabh will start work on other films about which he has still to take a decision. He is busier than the most successful and popular young actors of today and as things stand today, he is sure to be the actor most in the reckoning in the years to come. Any other actor at seventy-three would have been satisfied playing the father, the grandfather or the father-in-law or the grandfather-in-law, but Amitabh is that one actor who is one of his kind who keeps looking for roles that will suit his age and the changing times because he knows this is the only way he can stay around his way.

His total dedication to his profession as an actor however doesn’t keep him away from doing any number of commercials and films made in the interest of social and national awareness and his being the ambassador for various causes, the most important one being his being appointed as the ambassador for the movement for “Incredible India”.

Amitabh was a trendsetter when he came to films with an unusual body and an unusual kind of face and even voice which was considered a voice not fit for a hero in Hindi films. He set the trend for the angry young man in Hindi films while he was also considered the greatest romantic romancing young girls with the poetry of Sahir Ludhianvi, Majrooh Sultanpuri and Anand Bakshi. He had also tried to start a trend of starting shootings at seven-thirty in the morning but it was a shift only a man with his determination and his respect for time could manage.

The rest is history which has made him a very intrinsic part of the history of not only Hindi cinema but also of world cinema. And the way he is going, it seems like he has just begun and has many other trends to set and records to break. the last three months Amitabh Bachchan who has set several trends during his four decade career has been busy setting some new trends at an age and time when other men at his age sit back, relax and go into long flashbacks or in some cases even go...Bollywood Trade Magazine



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