Certificate: A

Director: Mansi Dovhal

Starring: Sanjay Mishra, Prem Chopra, Mansi Dovhal, Amit Bhaskar

Screenplay: Mansi Dovhal

Music: Darshan Rathod, Sanjeev Rathod

US returned bride Jugnu (Manasi Dovhal) finds out that her groom Jaan (Amit Bhaskar) has been interchanged for someone else and her world comes crashing down? Where is Jaan and she fears he has been kidnapped? Who is Billa making the ransom calls? She desperately collects money from everywhere including her selfish greedy father (Prem Chopra). There are three versions to her climax of the story and the audience is given three options, all controlled by fate. Manasi Dovhal does well as an actor and as a director too. Prem Chopra is by now a veteran in such roles. Sanjay Mishra provides the laughs. Amit Bhaskar shows talent for a debutant. Theater veteran Ravi Gossain shines in a brief role. Sonika Chopra does well. The music by Sanjeev- Darshan is foot tapping. Technically alright.



The film is a complete and utter washout.

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