It was so much fun chatting with this beauty, jovial and a lovely human like Sharmin. She is going to mark her debut with ‘Malaal’ helmed by MangeshHadawale. Sharmin settles down for a chat and tells us all about her debut, her experience on sets while shooting and with Meezan.

You come from a filmy background Sharmin so do you feel there is a constant pressure on your shoulders?

Yes, I definitely do feel the pressure. When people talk about nepotism I feel like I’m doing something really wrong but then I remind myself ‘No, this is what I’m passionate about’, I feel I need to at least try before saying ‘no this is not for me’ and also we have tried to keep the pressure as minimal as possible because we have never been disclosed publically. Before people did not know who we were or which gym did we go to. People know all about it now because of which there is some level the pressure.

In terms of content what do you have to say about ‘Malaal’ as a movie and as your debut?

I don’t understand why people are saying all things like- Looks like a low budget movie, it is a very raw film. Which to hear is a very good thing but then there is also another aspect of Sanjay LeelaBansali, commercial cinema, songs, mass appeal and so for me ‘Malaal’ is a baby of both those things. I hope we manage to emotionally touch people, be real and be commercial. Why does one need to be fake and unrealistic in order to be commercial? What does commercial mean? The masses watch it right? It should be relatable. There is love; laugh, anger and all are on a very basic level. People will surely be able to relate to it. There are songs that will make it commercial in commercial sense. So this is the movie ‘Malaal’ in my words.

How do you feel about your movie being all set to release?

I feel a lot of things and all at once. I feel more nervous than anything else because I’m confused about what I exactly feel. I’m happy, sad, frustrated, and anxious, acne has started showing up on my face because I’m stressing and stress makes me eat a lot of chocolates these days. There is certain level of excitement about when an event or launch gets over there are people who are watching you and these people might go to see your movie so this all together is a very good feeling.

Can you enlighten us about your character?

I am playing Astha in the movie. For me in first half Astha and Shiva are two different people but in the second half they are one. They start doing things for each other which makes them one. In the first half Astha and her family face financial crisis because of which they have to move into a smaller house. There Astha meets people with whom she never interacted because she has never stayed in such an environment so all this is new for her and as Sharmin this all was actually new for me. Astha does not like Shiva at all in the beginning but on some level the people that you don’t like at all are the people you end up liking the most.

How was it working with Meezaan ?

It was amazing working withMeezaan,he is my school friend. If I don’t know a person I won’t be able to make eye contact with that person. Sharmin can’t look in the eye but the character has too because she is not Sharmin and that is what she is supposed to do according to the script. Knowing Meezaan for more than 7 years helped me a lot with my work because it was easier to deliver my dialogues.

Do you think movies of romantic genre result in being breakthroughs for the newbies?

Not necessarily! I strongly believe it is a more relatable genre for the public because love is something that everybody wants to feel. In any shape or form who does not want to feel love, May it be from parents, boyfriend or anybody else. I even tell my driver why are you not talking to me? Why didn’t you greet me with a hello?  This is because my driver is one of my best friends but as a human we crave for affection from everyone and I feel like that is a very relatable concept with the audience and which is why movies of romantic genre do well. Our love story is bit different because of our characters.

What do you have to say about the movies that Hindi cinema is making today and how good is it for the new comers?

I think we are promoting movies a lot now days. The movies that are releasing now have a lot more mass appeal. I feel like they are aiming for a very big launch pad for their talents including ‘Malaal’ and I hope we are able to do that. I’m not certain about it because I don’t understand anything during the promotions. I honestly feel that today’s movies for debutants rely a lot on promotions and I did not quite see that with ‘Notebook’ maybe because I was too busy with my own movie and not being social. Honestly speaking there is a lot of pressure on them because they need to focus on what they do and how they work. PR and promotions have gone so ahead that any new comer desiring to be an actor should look after their performance. Word of mouth is a really big thing but before this movie I never really understood the importance of PR or promotions. Promotions can change the whole game as it can raise the expectations and then your movie will not live up to the expectation or it can keep your expectations in a right place and your film will do even better.

What was the process of acting like for you?

I think it differs with every set of the movie you are on. On one set you have a different actor and on another set you have a different one, it is never the same. On some level it is a very action and cut thing. When I was on set behind the cameras I would think about how the shots can be but once for ‘Malaal’ I stood in front of the camera I started thinking so much and that time the things I thought about when I was behind the camera did not make sense. I’m happy I worked on two films first ‘Mary kom’ and then ‘BajiraoMastani’ and then finally an actor for ‘Malaal’. It was difficult for me in the start because I never stood on sets as an actor. In the initial stage I was all confused about what is happening and why people are calling me ma’am. As a person to evolve into an actor it definitely took time for me. It was difficult but worth it.

Your last words on ‘Malaal’?

Malaal means regret and in love never leave any space for regret. Hopefully you will be able to witness that when the movie releases. How will you overcome ‘Malaal’. Trade Magazine