This movie was announced a few months back with big fanfare. A movie directed by one of the hottest filmmakers at the moment and with two of the biggest superstars in the country right now. Everything thing looked rosy and things were moving along in brisk speed. The movie was meant to mount the sets by early next year. The filmmaker had also locked one of the biggest actress in the country to play the main lead in the movie as well. But now our highly placed sources have revealed that everything seems to have gone pear shaped for the film all of a sudden. According to our sources, the film is now put on the back burner indefinitely and the reason for the same is unknown. This means that not one but four top bracketed talents have all of sudden become available as majority of their dates have freed up from next year and are desperately looking to fill the void left behind but this sudden change in plans. Watch this space for more on this one as we will get you more information on this ever developing massive story. CinemaTrade BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine