It been a while since we have mentioned in these pages about a movie been shelved. But we are hearing about this one movie which was announced with a lot of fanfare earlier in the year and how it has been shelved rather unceremoniously! This once big director locked this top A list actor to start in this next venture. But now it seems that the filmmaker and the actor have had a major falling out, the reason for the same is said to be that they aren’t on the same page with the script of the movie at all. The pair of them tried for a long time to iron out their differences but it seems that this past month things got a little out of hands when the actor chose to walk out of the film. With no lead anymore attached to the film anymore and the filmmaker is anyways struggling to get any kind of talent attached to his projects it is safe to assume that the film is no longer on the table. Sad, but then such is the life dearies! BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine