Interview By: HASTI DOSHI

Shenaz is Jack of all trades, wherein she is a TV host, writer, travel blogger and also an actor which makes us curious to know more about her. Her upcoming film ‘Kaalakandi’ is a black comedy which seems to be a good film to start off the new year with. Her passion for travel makes her to be a totally different person and that’s what also brings interest to this quick chat with her. Read on:

While your hands are on various professions, when did you think of acting as a career?

When I started I didn’t think of acting as a career at all.  I was discovered while I was a VJ with MTV and it just seemed like a natural progression after I made ‘Ishq Vishk’, my first film. I’ve been fortunate to find opportunities both here and in Hollywood ever since.

‘Kaalakandi’ is a black comedy genre which is rare nowadays, what got you on board with this film?

Three things got me on board. First, it was the opportunity to work with Akshat Varma again. We first worked together on ‘Dehli Belly’. Second was the chaotic three story overlapping script that I found both intense and entertaining. The third thing was the fun ensemble cast, Akshat has a unique vision for his films and a knack for casting very interesting characters to bring his vision to life.

How was it sharing screen space with Saif and other co-actors?

Saif is great guy, he’s so easy going and fun to be around. Working with an ensemble cast is a lot of fun.  There are three separate stories in the film that overlap is very interesting and sometimes can be dangerous too in many ways.

Tell us more about your character.

My character is Ayesha, a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.  She was a lot a fun to play. It’s her birthday in the film and she’s been out celebrating a bit. She finds herself in more than one difficult situations during the course of the evening, but you’ll have to watch the film too see how she navigates them.

Can you tell us one moment from this film which has stayed with you till now?

There’s an intense scene after a car accident where Ayesha and her friends have to make a difficult decision. It’s both emotional and calls into question morality and justice in India.  It’s a powerful moment.

As it’s the start of the year, what are you expecting from movies this year?

I am currently shooting for an American film in New York called My Cousin’s Sister’s Wedding. I think it will be a great year for movies in India, and I’m especially looking forward to projects with strong female lead characters.

What are the other projects in your pipeline?

I’m currently pretty busy with my second passion career as a travel influencer and have some fun trips lined up to Dubai, Sri Lanka, Japan and Czech Republic. I’m also excited about some upcoming opportunities in Hollywood and new web series that are in the works. Stay tuned.

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