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Interview By: Hasti Doshi

Shiv has been part of ‘Shaitan’, ‘Boss’ and other commercial films too. But this time he has tried something beyond and seems to have a good experience for working in ‘Loev’. We had a quick chat with him regarding the film and his experiences. Read on…

“It is very important to work with people who are really confident about their story like Sudhanshu”

We have seen you earlier in movies like ‘Boss’, ‘Shaitan’ and also in various roles. But the role in this film ‘Loev’ is quite a different, how did the film happen to you?

It came to me because Sudhanshu was recommended my name by somebody so he met me, but even he felt at that point of time that I might do this film as I was doing these commercial films and also few casting directors said it. But I surprised him by saying yes to the film as when I heard the script I felt it was very well written and much thought provoking kind of film and I really wanted to do that convincingly. As an actor it is our responsibility to keep trying different stuff and surprise audience and also that is a lot of evolving as an actor as no one is perfect at the end of the day. So this seems like a great part and that’s why I took it up.

Choosing such roles, do you think might affect you further? What was your thought process?

We live in a society where this community is quite visible and they are part of us. So it’s nothing wrong in doing this character, because if you think the thing is that this character is also very deeply affected, troubled human being. So to bring that kind of emotionality on screen was challenge for me. Acting a gay was not my challenge but for me it was to have that feeling of loneliness and those deep feelings in my acting too. It is very emotionally taxing to play these characters but after playing it you get deeper sense of understanding of your sense and range as an actor. We all have to decide the things on the choices that are presented. This was something I had in my mind which stood out the most so I definitely didn’t think twice doing it. Nobody has ever offered me such role before and no one would give me later may be so this was sure I would choose. Bijoy is very close to me and when he saw my work he really liked it and appreciated and said this is my most best and subtle role and I was really happy as it was coming from him.

The gay love is portrayed in the story so, how far you as a person accept that situation and understand it?

I always believe one thing which always my parents and everyone are taught in a very open mind of environment, I believe in live and let live. I don’t want to interfere in anyone’s life and people may find love in any way it can be man to women or man to man or women to women we should feel happy for them. We should believe in spreading happiness all around instead of creating issues about it.

It’s very difficult to act and do romance, how did you prepared yourself mentally or physically?

I never really looked at it liked that that I had been romancing a man and I didn’t get into the gender of it. So for me the idea of doing the film is not about two men loving each other, it was about the expression of love. We all fall in love with someone and some are very lucky with whom they fall in love they get them back. But some characters like Jai are living a double life and are pretending to be someone they are not and people they love don’t love them that way. I focused on that Jai whose emotions are totally in turmoil and are completely depressed. At the same time Jai was in love with the person Sahil and I didn’t get into the gender as that would bring my baggage into my performance. For me it was just that I was in love with someone. Even if you change the gender you will still have same kind of turmoil which is between these characters and gender doesn’t matter. I am really happy I did this film in early of my career.

What kind of roles or directors are you looking forward?

I would love to do a commercial film again as it’s been more than a year I haven’t yet done. I would love to do different kind of roles. And I would like to work with directors who have really great story no matter who the director is. It is very important to work with people who are really confident about their story like Sudhanshu.

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