This director has been known to keep things to himself only. His last big ticket picture movie was such a big disaster that the funders have gone and left the industry all together. We were pleasantly surprised when the announcement of the director came around that he has been signed by one his old producers with whom he gave one of the biggest hits of his career. The producer is in a different zone these days working with newer more hungry filmmakers but still felt that this marquee director would be perfect to balance his new slate of films. But alas the producer was wrong. The director is back to his silly ways and has been constantly having very off colour arguments with the producers and even the writers of the film. According to our sources, the producer has had enough and decided to throw the director out of the project. The script belongs to the producer so there is no issues there and the writers also didn’t put up a fight as they were fed up with the constant erratic behaviour of the director as well. It will be interesting to see what the director does next. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine