Interview By: HASTI DOSHI

We have seen Shraddha doing more of romantic rolesbut her latest release has her in a never-seen-before avatar. ‘Haseena Parkar’. She looks intense in the film. She’s been quite excited for this one. We had a quick fun chat with her regarding her experience and trying something new this time. Excerpts :-

The role of Haseena Parkar seems very different from your other characters till now; you feel it’s an award winning role for you?
I don’t know whether it is award winning or not but the character is very different from which I have done before. Also the role I was playing was emotionally draining because it was so different for me but also it was something new I tried which was very interesting.

Was it more difficult for you to play her also because you can’t meet the person and can’t know more about her which can add up to your character?
You know the director Apoorva was so involved in research of the film and he has also spent over two years in research and knowing Haseena more. He was so well equipped which gave us all the material to reduce our task and get our work completed to best of our abilities. When he met me, he told us that he had met her so many times and shared with us her story which made me feel that we have a director who has already done the job even before narrating the script. Firstly we spent time with Apoorva to know all her stories and then we spent time with her family to understand how she was as a person. But I just wish I could have met Haseena, as it could add to my role but unfortunately I couldn’t.

Did you meet Haseena’s family, and how was your experience?
Yes, Apoorva had told me to spend time with her family so I did that. Because he had also spent lot of time with Haseena and her family which would help me know how she used to talk and sit and all other details. So I feel my voice has become more basely after this role, I feel it’s almost like a permanent change. I guess certain characters you play can rub off on you and I think this is one of them.

Had you discussed this film with your dad?

Yes, I discuss every film with my dad and mom. My dad always says,‘if you like the script and you are happy doing it then you should do it’ for every film.

Other than acting like Haseena what else did you do with your body language to look like her?

I had gained lot of weight which now I have lost within a month luckily. It’s easier to gain weight but tough to lose it. I had gained 7 to 8 kg to get that double chin and look little fatter. I had to lose it for my next film which made me follow a strict diet.

After this you are doing a film ‘Saho’ with Prabhas, how excited are you to work with him? Especially after the success of ‘Bahubali’ his stardom took a high jump.
After ‘Haseena Parkar’ I am doing ‘Saho’ and then also ‘Saina’. We haven’t started shooting yet but I was recently in Hyderabad for two days and I was there to rehearse with Prabhas and the director. I met him there for the first time and it was really nice to meet him. I was absolutely taken away by how humble and down to earth he is. Also the next day I met Saina and the way she was playing in the court was so surreal.

For you to get into the character and get out of it, how emotionally draining was it?

Emotionally it was very draining because the whole film is such which is drains your emotions and there are very intense scenes. The way to deal with that and get out of character was I went ona holiday.

How was it working with your brother in the same film?

It was a really great experience, it feels so good to work together and after passing some years in life we could sit together and see the film. It was great.

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