Interview By: HASTI DOSHI

Sidhant is a well-known TV actor and has done few films in Bollywood. He is passionate about films and that is what interests him more. He plays Aditi Rao Hydari’s love interest in last week’s release ‘Bhoomi’ and according to him this would be his debut film as it has a wider reach. We had a candid chat with him regarding his choices and career. Read on…

“Bhoomi will be my first mainstream debut in Bollywood”

How has the story of ‘Bhoomi’ left an impact on you as being part of the film?

I would say the script made an impact on me, it’s a revenge drama and I play a very special role in it. The way Omung Kumar has directed the film it adds freshness to the film and I am glad I add to that freshness. It is a serious subject so you need some commercial element, hence I have this romantic angle in the film. It all adds to the commercial factor and I know in a Sanjay Dutt film playing romantic guy will give me recognitionof a romantic hero.

Omung Kumar is known for his impactful films in past too, how was your experience working with him on ‘Bhoomi’ and how did you get on board with the film?
I have seen the films he has directed and why he has got the National awards too. It was also an honour for me to work with him and he has clarity in his work. He was an art director so he knows how to beautifully set the frames and he is the captain of the ship and we were the sailors. I remember meeting him first time in his office and he narrated the character and the way he does that makes you feel that he has seen the character and makes you feel like him.

You have acted in other films and TV shows, how have you evolved as an actor?

It’s like singers need riaaz (singing practice) our actor’s riaaz is to work everyday. So I am glad that I was part of TV serials and a part of ‘JhalakDikhlaja’ and I was also part of the film called ‘Badmashiyan’. I won’t call that my association with Bollywood as it was not mainstream and did not had a proper reach till audience. ‘Bhoomi’ will be my first mainstream debut in Bollywood. I look at my graph as of now, I am only stepping ahead in my life and career.

Talking about acting as a career, what made you reach here?

I was supposed to be a pilot but maybe I was not good at landing so I ended up in acting (smiling). I was in Delhi doing my studies and training but then I found more interest in Entertainment world rather than flying an aircraft. That was a whole new journey I tried and started in acting.

What are you more inclined towards, TV shows or Films?

I came here to do films, everyone who comes Mumbai comes with dreams. I am here for mainstream Bollywood films even though I won’t deny that TV also has wide audience but films are larger than life. I feel content is what people watch be it of TV so my aim is to act and whatever comes my way I will.

Working with a veteran actor Sanjay Dutt and Co- star Aditi Rao Hydari, how does that make you feel as an actor?

All you seek is inspiration and encouragement from these people especially Sanjay Dutt who has done more than 180 films in his career. When I got chosen for film I was like a guest in somebody’s house so it’s them who made me comfortable around and it was great working together as then the comfort level was there between all of us. He also praised me for my work and a person like him doesn’t need to do that but still he did as he felt that.

What next?

Right now after ‘Bhoomi’ I have two projects in hand which will be announced soon but till then I can’t tell you much. But as I told you my graph is increasing and it’s bigger what I am doing next.

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