We get in chat with Sikandar Kher, he tells us about his character as a Villain and tells us about his Upcoming Projects with Sonam Kapoor and John Abraham.

What was your reaction when the movie came to you?
The movie did not come to me. I went to sir. I personally messaged Tigmanshu Sir and told him I would like to come and meet you but I got no reply so I messaged him again but still did not get a reply. So I messaged him one more time and finally got a reply “Come and meet me at 2 tomorrow.” I went to his office with my Laptop and 3 minutes show reel which I take wherever I go for audition. He asked me if I will do the villain’s role and without a pause I said, “Yes, why not. I’ll do it sir.” In the evening he called me and said you are on and you get the villain’s role. So this is basically how it happened.

Tell us a bit about your character.
Guru Panda is his name and he is from a Panda. Pandas are a group of guys from Allahabad who have been Pandits for ages and that’s why they are called as Pandas. So my character is like a leader of a local gang more like a hooligan of the area.

How was it working with Ali Fazal and Tigmanshu Dhulia?
Most of my work was with Shraddha, Ashu sir and Sanjay. It was amazing working with Ali Fazal, most of my work with Ali was in the climax. The crew was great. Every time we were together we were laughing and having a great time with each other. When we talk about Tigmanshu sir he has got such great craft and is such a talented maker and we get so much to learn from him. Everything is on the spot at times he makes scenes at very moment only. My Character spoke in Allahabadi way and Tigmanshu sir is from Allahabad so he was my dialect coach. Working with him was very knowledgeable I have learned a lot from him and working with him was fun.

What are the parameters you consider when you are selecting a movie?
I’m always ready to do whatever role comes to me. As long the story is good I’m ready to do the role. Even if the director gives me just three scenes in the movie I’m still ready to do it because it’s all  about the content and what I deliver it’s not about how long I’m going to be in the movie. If I do good people will remember me for my work.

The trailer gave us a glimpse of your character. You are playing a villain. How did you prepare yourself for the role?
Tigmanshu writes it so well that most of the preparation for the character is in the script itself. When  you are reading the script you start feeling the character other than that I went to Tigmanshu’s office and discussed with him about how if felt about the character and what it would be like and then he told me what it he felt about the character. Other then the script I worked on how I deliver my dialogue’s but Tigmanshu told me don’t pay about a lot of attention on how you deliver the dialogue just look about how your actions are and we spoke about the characters background just to learn about the characters personality.

People tend to show more love towards the villain in most scenarios. Why is it so? And what is your take on that?
If the villain’s character is written properly and if it has a good back-story in order to really feel from the person then your heart does go out to someone who has had a tough life and villain most of the time is a person who has had a tough life and that’s why circumstances has gotten him to be the person that he is. He has had many tough times and has dealt with it in bad ways. So if he might have overcome the problems in a positive way he might have not been a Villian. He had a tough and rough life and he dealt with it in a wrong way and that is basically the reason why he comes out as such a hard person. So considering people the heart takes the root of sympathy and love towards a person who has had a rough life and other then the sad part Villain has some dashing personality, a personality that makes them stand out and that’s the reason why they are villains at first place.

Tell us about your upcoming projects.
My next movie after ‘Milan Talkies’ is releasing on 5th April 2019 it is called as ‘Zoya Factor’ it is with Sonam Kapoor where I’m playing her brother and they share a very khatta-meetha relationship like every other brother and sister. On 12th April there is another release called as ‘RAW’ with John and more to come. Trade Magazine